Blood donors honored for their contribution and dedication

Cai Wenjun
Shanghai recently awarded blood donors and those committed to blood donation organizations, for their commitment to healthcare, on Thursday.
Cai Wenjun

The blood donor rate per 1,000 people is 15.24 in Shanghai, higher than the national level of 11.5, said local health authorities on Thursday, while honoring individuals and organizations with excellent performance in blood donation.

Shanghai has been encouraging local residents to donate blood, awarding those with a high record of blood donation or those dedicated to blood donation organizations and services.

Local people donate a total of 100,000 liters of full blood and platelet each year, meeting the clinical demand and ensuring blood safety.

To encourage more young people to donate blood, the authorities have adopted cartoon images in blood donation sites, donation certificates, and organized themed drives to make blood donation a cool and fashionable event.

Dr Chen Qinfen, a hematologist from Huashan Hospital, was awarded for boosting blood donations. She expressed gratitude to all blood donors on behalf of local patients.

"One of my patients, who has received repeated blood transfusions due to serious disease, wanted me to thank all the donors for their love and support, bringing the hope of life to patients," she said.

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