Actress Zheng Shuang ordered to pay 90.5 million yuan

Tian Shengjie
Songjiang court to execute a court order requiring Chinese actress Zheng Shuang to return her remuneration and pay for a film and television investment company's economic losses.
Tian Shengjie

Shanghai Songjiang District's court is to execute a recent verdict that requires Chinese actress Zheng Shuang to return 90.5 million yuan (US$12.61 million) to a film and television investment company.

According to a previous court report, in 2016, the company called Haining Dongkai Star invited the actress to be the heroine in a TV drama.

They signed a contract which showed that Zheng could get 30.5 million yuan as remuneration but if Zheng violated the law and was banned by national departments, which affected the filming and screening of the TV drama, she should refund the money and compensate the investment company for economic losses.

Actress Zheng Shuang ordered to pay 90.5 million yuan

The execution information about Chinese actress Zheng Shuang is shown on the official website of the Supreme People's Court.

Filming began in 2016 but the drama hasn't been broadcast.

In 2021 Zheng was given a 299-million-yuan penalty for tax evasion and the company sued.

The judge at the Songjiang court passed sentence and supported the requirement of the plaintiff, asking Zheng to return the remuneration and pay economic losses of 60 million yuan. Zheng appealed against her conviction.

In July this year, the local intermediate court upheld the original sentence after the second instance. However, the respondent hasn't returned the money.

The Songjiang court told Shanghai Daily the execution procedure is underway.

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