COVID-positive woman with abdominal fluid delivers a healthy baby

Cai Wenjun
A 33-year-old woman who had tested positive for COVID-19 and had a long history of abdominal fluid achieved her dream of becoming a mother at Renji Hospital.
Cai Wenjun

A 33-year-old woman with 11 years of abdominal fluid from an unknown source and infection with COVID-19 was assisted by medical professionals at Renji Hospital in achieving her goal of becoming a mother.

The woman first experienced the fluid in 2011. She visited several hospitals but was unable to identify the problem.

In 2019, she visited Renji Hospital's digestive department.

Specialists, after ruling out cancer, concluded that she had impaired ovarian function due to previous ovarian cyst surgeries.

She had to endure numerous punctures to drain out the fluid because it seriously impacted her life, and had to endure three abortions as a result of the fluid.

The woman was so distressed by the painful treatments that she almost gave up on plans to have children.

When she discovered she was pregnant at the end of last year, some doctors still advised an abortion because of the fluid.

She visited Renji again. Doctors called a multidisciplinary meeting and suggested that she could continue with the pregnancy.

She received prenatal checks and hydration monitoring at the hospital. She then contracted the coronavirus infection but continued to communicate with her gynecologists online.

Early this month, the woman underwent a successful cesarean operation and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Renji officials said both the mother and child are in good health and have been discharged from the hospital.

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