Endoscopy center to meet local and international demands

Cai Wenjun
The world's largest endoscopy center is expected to open in Shanghai's Zhongshan Hospital later this year.
Cai Wenjun

The world's largest endoscopy center is expected to open in Shanghai's Zhongshan Hospital later this year.

It will offer high-end and international-standard medical services, as well as process and theory to patients, hospital officials said during the Shanghai Symposium of Endoscopology and Sino-Japan ESD Summit on Saturday.

The hospital conducts 180,000 endoscopic diagnosis and treatment services annually at its headquarters in downtown Xuhui District. Along with its branches, the hospital carries out 200,000 endoscopy-related practices each year, one of the largest in the world.

"With the public's rising health awareness and increased medical capability, the demand for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment is rising year by year," said Dr Fan Jia, president of Zhongshan Hospital.

"Many diseases, which were subject to open surgery previously, can be solved through minimally-invasive endoscopy.

"Our current endoscopy center, which was built about 20 years ago, was designed based on the then service amount of 14,000 per year. So its design and scale can't meet the current demand.

"We decided to build a new endoscopy center, whose environment, process, equipment, staff and service will all be in line with international standards."

The new 6-floor center will also streamline the hospital's involvement in international medical tourism, which is highlighted by local health authorities.

To support the development of leading public hospitals and nurture service brands with international competency, the Shanghai Health Commission has announced a list of 13 leading public hospitals with high medical capability, strong innovative demands and international service experiences to carry out and step up international medical tourism.

Zhongshan Hospital, which is on the list, said the new endoscopy center will further streamline its high-quality development and help attract more international patients.

"In a recent case, a patient from Papua New Guinea came all the way to Zhongshan for my treatment after learning about fame," said Dr Zhou Pinghong, director of Zhongshan's endoscopy center. "He received very good treatment outcome on his tumor in his intestinal tract."

Dr Zhou also showcased high-end skills at Saturday's symposium, which attracts 3,500 participants from home and abroad, and 160,000 online participants.

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