French graffiti artist hits the streets in Shanghai

Li Qian
French graffiti artist Dezio first came to Shanghai in 2007, developing his artistic style on the Shanghai walls, before rising as one of the city's most prominent street artists.
Li Qian

Shot by Li Qian. Edited by Li Qian. Subtitles by Li Qian.

Some of the video clips are provided by courtesy of Urban Art United and "Color, Way of Love," a CSR project by Nippon Paint China.

French graffiti artist Dezio has been living in Shanghai since 2007, leaving many graffiti and wall paintings across the city.

He sees the city as a mixture of colors, and finds inspiration from its fast-paced yet international vibe.

When he first came to Shanghai, he felt there was almost no street art in China.

There was a boom in 2010 when the city held the World Expo.

Artists across the globe came to Shanghai and found Moganshan Road an ideal place to paint, creating a "sacred place for graffiti" and triggering a street art boom in Shanghai.

Gradually, it has developed into a popular way of beautifying and improving neighborhoods, especially old ones, in Shanghai, where urban renewal projects are continuing to pop up.

"It's really kind of a very open culture here in China," he said.

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