Xi tells Moon talks only way out for Koreas

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Xi tells Moon talks only way out for Koreas


China makes 'remarkable progress' in human rights protection: white paper

A white paper issued by China's State Council Information Office lauded "remarkable progress" in the law-based protection of human rights in the country over the past five years.

Popular English test's disappearance worries parents

The official website of a popular English test disappeared recently, worrying some parents and relieving others.
Foreign views

Do Chinese tourists behaving badly tarnish the entire country?

Last year Chinese people made 122 million holiday trips overseas, mostly acting as good "ambassadors for China." Not all of them behaved well, though...

A hotpot for all tastes to heat up those winter nights

Hotpot is a Chinese winter staple and an all-time favorite answer to the question of "what's for dinner?"

Relatives of man who died trying to catch woman to be compensated

A security guard from a shopping mall in Xi'an lost his life trying to persuade and catch a woman who committed suicide and fell from the 11th floor of an apartment.

Shanghai steps up efforts to settle pay disputes of migrant workers

The Spring Festival is when many of Shanghai's migrant workers go home to see their families, and it's a busy time for pay disputes. Shanghai has vowed to sort these cases quickly.

Shanghai Chest Hospital celebrates 60th anniversary

Shanghai Chest Hospital, the nation's first leading hospital specializing in the treatment of cardiothoracic disease, celebrated its 60th anniversary today.

Millions pledged to help those in need during charity month

Donations, gathered from the public, will be distributed to those most in need such as seriously ill and disabled people and those living in poverty.

FDA's 2-month winter herbs check

Along with the arrival of winter, consumption of traditional Chinese medicine herbs and winter supplements has entered their peak. 

'Tis the season to think outside the box

Wanna avoid the pressure of last-minute gift shopping for Christmas this year? It's never too early to start planning Christmas gifts for family, loved ones and even fur friends.

Medical sector up but Shanghai stocks continue weekly decline

Shanghai stocks posted the fifth weekly decline with investors' sentiment remain lukewarm while healthcare and medical sector was among the gainers.

Internet of Things network to cover the city in 2018

A 5G trial network has made its debut in Shanghai, representing both technological development and a better quality of daily life.

French-Chinese auto venture to deepen cooperation

French automaker Renault Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd signed a contract today to set up a joint venture to deepen cooperation on commercial vehicles in China.

China Unicom, Alibaba in new high-tech shopping deal

The two companies are collaborating at China Unicom's service center on Jiangsu Road in Jing'an District to reshape consumers' retail experience.
Art & Culture

Art unites autistic kids and painters

A new exhibition teams autistic children with some of Shanghai's top artists to create unique collaborative works and raise funds for charity.

More breastfeeding rooms to be installed in workplaces next year

400 "Care for Mothers Huts" with aircon, TVs, air purifiers, refrigerators, baby bottle sterilizers and necessary furniture for breastfeeding and resting to be installed next year.

IT workers held for "spreading rumors" of bank bankruptcy

If convicted of "damaging the reputation of a business", they could be sentenced to up to two years in prison.

Man detained for pushing assistant police officer with car

Since an assistant police officer is not a civil servant, Du faces the criminal charge of intentional injury instead of "obstructing the work of government officials".

China's first 'smart ship' is making waves

The concept of "smart", which has become ubiquitous in our daily digital life, has also started sailing along in the shipping industry.