Reading activities held around the city mark World Book Day

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Reading activities held around the city mark World Book Day


Xi stresses efforts to build beautiful countryside with pleasant living environment

Xi Jinping has demanded solid efforts to spread the experience of east China's Zhejiang Province in building a beautiful countryside with a pleasant living environment.

Hainan places tougher restrictions on property purchases

Non-Hainan residents who wish to buy a home in newly restricted areas should prove at least one family member has paid taxes or social security in the area for 24 months or longer.

32 Chinese killed in major traffic accident in DPRK: FM spokesman

China dispatched a working group with medical experts to the DPRK on Monday noon after a major road accident occurred on Sunday night in the country, the Foreign Ministry said.

China refutes US criticism on human rights

China on Monday called a recent US report on human rights "biased," saying its attempt to interfere in China's internal affairs was "doomed to fail."

China starts new astronaut selection process

China on Monday launched the selection process for 17 to 18 astronauts for future space station missions.

China's social security card goes digital

The Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on Sunday issued the country's 1st electronic certificate of social security at the opening of the Digital China Summit.

International street art festival to be held at Sinan Mansions

The StArt Festival 2018 will include stilts shows, traditional opera, music, dance, puppet shows and mute performances at the Sinan Mansions between April 29 and May 1.

Test for English majors alleged to have content leaked

Organizers of national tests for English majors in Chinese colleges said they have approached police regarding online allegations that the contents of a test were leaked.

Mexican Luis and his adventures running around Shanghai and China

Mexican Luis said he had done 100 marathons in 19 countries beginning in the year 2000, but he hopes to run in 50 more countries yet.

Chinese tycoon buys first customized Hongqi limousine

The first customized Hongqi L5, or "Red Flag," China's homegrown car brand, has been bought by Chinese tycoon Cao Dewang, founder and head of Fuyao Glass.

Driver helps old man on moped to cross road

A driver from Suqian in Jiangsu Province got out of his car in the middle of a road to help an old man stuck on a moped, The Beijing News reported.

3 routes for larger buses planned for Shanghai

The city's transport commission is planning to build three more "medium-capacity" bus routes following the success of the No. 71 service.

ROK halts border propaganda broadcasts

The gesture aiming to set a positive tone ahead of the Kim-Moon summit came after the DPRK said it would suspend nuclear and missile tests and scrap its nuclear test site.

Apps fuel fragmented reading boom

Digital reading has been growing in the country, with 73 percent of adults reading online and with mobile gadgets in 2017, up 4.8 percent year on year.

Pudong developing reading culture with themed venues

Reading venues are getting distinctive features and top scholars and artists are being roped in to help the concept reach far and wide.

Get a feel of rare, vintage collections

Tucked away in rows of 1930s-built Spanish-style villas is one of the city's smallest bookstores, A Gang Study.

Bookstores making a roaring comeback

The shared book concept makes the store not only a place just for selling books but also ensures that they are read by more people.

City museum devoted to marriage

Shanghai Marriage Culture Museum in Putuo District is China's first to be devoted to provincial level marriage culture.
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Li Bai: heroic radio operator trapped in a 'snake pit' who died fighting to free China

Li Bai, a legendary telegrapher, is probably one of the most romanticized and iconic Communist operatives immortalized on the silver screen.