City saw steady growth in 2018, but autos weigh


City saw steady growth in 2018, but autos weigh


Shanghai Disney to open world's first Zootopia theme attraction

Shanghai Disney Resort announced plans on Wednesday to bring to life the characters and stories from one of Disney's latest and most popular animated films.

Former Shanghai Land official jailed for 14 years

Xin Jiping took bribes worth almost 3 million yuan, sold state assets at low prices and concealed overseas deposits. 

Worldwide financial center by 2020

Shanghai has announced a set of measures that will see the city become a center of international finance by 2020.

Commercial makeover revitalizes another old residential compound

Home to about 1,200 families, 97 percent of residents in Zhangyuan have agreed to move out of the area between Weihai Road in the south and Wujiang Road to the north.

Mobile carriers plan to spend big on 5G

But services will only be available to businesses at first.

Irrationality plaguing human decision-making on big issues

Dan Ariely, MIT professor of economics and bestselling author, shared his perception of irrationality in workspace, housing and stock markets and even relations between countries.

New Year treat for top Changning talent

Changning District will invite family members of its top professionals who cannot go home because of work to enjoy the reunion in Shanghai.

Waterway safety and traffic under maritime authority's control

The maritime authority strengthened waterway traffic management as well as safety inspection of international cruises with the approach of Spring Festival holiday travel peak.

Shanghai AI firm taps into global market

CC Intelligence sees strong growth and will spend big on R&D.

Prison time for hukou scam father

A father who forged his daughter's birth certificate to get her a Shanghai hukou (household registration) was sentenced to a detention of two months and 10 days with a fine.


ByteDance in deal with Smartisan

Both companies are out to take on market king WeChat.

Spirit of Fu Lei is alive and well in Zhoupu

Renovation of Fu's childhood home is well underway and the restored structure is scheduled to be open to the public in April. Construction of a library will also be completed soon.

Smart toilet covers sold online fail quality check

Nearly 40 percent of smart toilet covers sold on four online shopping sites that were inspected by the city's market watchdog failed tests.

Slow trains can be a lifeline for rural residents

Train 4182 serves a scattered population in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and, despite its low speed, is a service inhabitants in remote areas rely on. 

Beijing's permanent resident population continues to drop

The number of permanent residents in Beijing dropped 0.8 percent to about 21.5 million at the end of last year, official data showed Wednesday.

Famed Taiwan essayist dies at 65

Renowned essayist Lin Ching-hsuan has inspired people across China with his enlightening works and Zen wisdom.

Britain must pay EU bill even in 'no deal': Barnier

The British government will face a multibillion euro divorce settlement with the European Union even if it leaves the bloc without a deal, Michel Barnier warned Wednesday.
Art & Culture

Calculating curves puts Zhang ahead in modern design

Zhang Shuojiong has emerged as a rising star in the digital architectural world with his fancy design language that liberates architectural geometry.

Two top orchestras, one common bond

THE Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra will join the Philadelphia Orchestra for a Chinese New Year Concert on January 29.