Do Chinese tourists behaving badly tarnish the entire country?

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Do Chinese tourists behaving badly tarnish the entire country?


Xi underscores unswerving adherence to 'one country, two systems'

President Xi Jinping on Friday reaffirmed the central government's long-term and unswerving adherence to the principle of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong and Macao.

Official emblems for Beijing 2022 Winter Games unveiled

The emblems of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, respectively named "Winter Dream" and "Flying High," were unveiled in Beijing on Friday.
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Liu Rushi: beautiful and talented

Liu Rushi, one of the "Eight Beauties of Qinhuai," was renowned in her time for her beauty and talents.
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Bao: a long history of righteousness

There are an estimated 670,000 people surnamed Bao, accounting for 0.054 percent of the total population in China. Bao ranks the 179th most common Chinese family name.

Public need to wait to enjoy renovated cathedral

Xujiahui cathedral has restored its religious activities since Saturday, but has yet to open to visitors.

Strategic cooperation on home entertainment

China Telecom and Oriental Pearl Group signed a cooperation deal to have partnership in more business.

Eye-catching library hopes to draw readers back to books

"China's most beautiful library," "The Binhai Eye," and "The Road to the Mountain of Books," are just some of the nicknames the library has received on social media platforms.

Boom in HPV vaccinations shows Chinese women's growing health consciousness

The introduction of the new vaccine came after a good response from Chinese women to GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix, the first HPV vaccine licensed for use in China.
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Nimble fingers turn dough into delicate art

Chen Yu, 68, has devoted almost 40 years to making dough figurines. The traditional art is among Shanghai's and also China's intangible cultural heritage.

Depths of despair, capstone of compassion

A 46-year-old Anhui native has founded the nonprofit Leshanyuan Service Center to provide meals and host special events for senior citizens.
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Wing On towered over its rival Sincere Co

The Wing On Department Store, the second of four big Chinese department stores on Nanjing Road, overshadowed its immediate rival Sincere Co.  

School established to promote 'One Belt One Road' languages

The School of Russian and Eurasian Studies will offer education of seven languages – Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, Kazakh, Czech and Uzbek.

WorldSkills Competition winners rewarded and honored

The two gold medal winners representing Shanghai were each rewarded with 500,000 yuan and the professional qualification title of senior technician. 

Noodle lovers won't feel blue with Fu Gui recipe

When the blue frog noodle topping was introduced at Fu Gui Noodle Shop, in 2010, it put a spring in the step of local noodle lovers. 

A hotpot for all tastes to heat up those winter nights

Hotpot is a Chinese winter staple and an all-time favorite answer to the question of "what's for dinner?"

Relatives of man who died trying to catch woman to be compensated

A security guard from a shopping mall in Xi'an lost his life trying to persuade and catch a woman who committed suicide and fell from the 11th floor of an apartment.

Shanghai steps up efforts to settle pay disputes of migrant workers

The Spring Festival is when many of Shanghai's migrant workers go home to see their families, and it's a busy time for pay disputes. Shanghai has vowed to sort these cases quickly.

Shanghai Chest Hospital celebrates 60th anniversary

Shanghai Chest Hospital, the nation's first leading hospital specializing in the treatment of cardiothoracic disease, celebrated its 60th anniversary today.

Millions pledged to help those in need during charity month

Donations, gathered from the public, will be distributed to those most in need such as seriously ill and disabled people and those living in poverty.