Xuhui District

Located in the southwest of Shanghai, Xuhui District is centred on Xujiahui, after which it is named. Being the core of Catholic Shanghai, Xuhui District formed, together with neighboring Luwan District (now Huangpu District), the former French concession of Shanghai. Vestiges of the French influence can still be seen in the St Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai, Xuhui College, the Xujiahui Observatory, and some remaining boulevards and French-style areas. A number of former residences of prominent personalities remain, including Soong Ching Ling and Sun Yat-sen's former residence. Yao Ming of Houston Rockets was a resident of the district.

Window dressing offers a look into Xuhui's history

As Xuhui District's "Art in Stores" project draws to a close, four stores have joined forces to put up an exhibition titled "Artistic Narration: A Century of Xujiahui."

Comforting art and culture in Xujiahui commercial circle

Xuhui District's initiative to integrate and promote art within the commercial community has been hailed as an overwhelming success.
Art & Culture

Bard of Arabia is an Adonis of literature

Syrian writer Adonis' influence on Arabic literature has been likened to that of T. S. Eliot’s on English-language verse.
Art & Culture

Creating dialogues through poetry to build a better world

The 2nd International Poetry Festival, entitled “Sleepless Shanghai,” concluded on Tuesday with a gala night featuring celebrated poets from around the world.

These books are made for reading ─ and walking

Living in the age of information technology and social media, it’s hard to imagine that sitting down with a good book was once a way of entertaining yourself.

Commemorating one of China's greatest writers

To observe the 12th death anniversary of Ba Jin, a public reading event of his works was held at his former residence on Wukang Road in Xuhui District.

A reading list that crosses cultures

Xuhui District boasts an abundant of art centers, celebrity residences, modern museums, as well as bookstores and libraries.