Chengdu City

Chengdu is a showcase of the Chinese government’s campaign to shift economic development to inland areas of the country. Companies from both China and abroad are heeding the call to “Go West!” We focus on Chengdu’s transformation into a western hub of investment, innovation and unparalleled opportunities.

The new economy boosts the rise of Chengdu

Chengdu, enjoying the reputation of a "Heavenly Land of Abundance," proposed the New Economy Plan to pursue high-quality growth from the central government.

Chengdu at forefront to become a global city of sustainable development

Chengdu is accelerating its development of a low-carbon urban industrial system and cultivating new businesses in a bid to go green.

Brookings Institution ranks Chengdu 3rd place in Global Metro Monitor 2018

Chengdu ranks third in the world and first in all Chinese metropolises on the Global Metro Monitor 2018 List recently released by America's most influential think tank.

Chengdu becomes second-tier global city in China

Chengdu is ranked as a second-tier global city in the 2018 International City Development Report recently released by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.
Art & Culture

Sichuan holds exhibition on ancient Shu Civilization in Mexico

Sichuan held a special exhibition on ancient Shu Civilization and a dialogue between the ancient Shu Civilization and Maya Civilization in Mexico.

Chengdu first choice for investors in west

Chengdu poised to take advantage of a new era of opening up to the world.

Building an endless new economy platform

As the capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, a pioneer in innovation, kicks off the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair tomorrow. 

What is the story of Chengdu?

Very few people have had the luxury of capturing a panorama of Chengdu, a city covering a vast area and often shrouded in fog.

Chengdu on the road to become a global city

Chengdu has embarked on an ambitious plan to develop itself into a global city of culture, history, economy, technology, tourism and entertainment.

Chengdu wins 4 awards for its dynamic economy and better investment environment

Chengdu won four awards, including most attractive city for investment in China, in Beijing.