Hangzhou City

The tourist heaven of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, lies in the heart of the southern Yangtze River region. One of China's eight ancient capitals, it has a rich history and easy lifestyle that complement the vibrant regional economy. Shanghai Daily is publishing a special Hangzhou page every Monday through Friday to introduce our readers to its beautiful scenery, fascinating happenings and people, colorful nightlife, lifestyles and business.

Veganism more than just a statement of health, it's a way of life

It would be fair to say in a largely carnivorous, meat-eating country you would be hard pushed to find a vegetarian. So imagine what the likelihood is of encountering a vegan.
Art & Culture

A seat at the table of China's historical, artistic and ornamental past

"National Treasure," recently screened on China Central Television, caused quite a stir on the social network when it revealed 27 of the nation's most precious antiques.

Preserving cultural and historical value of factory life

Hangzhou tackles dilemma of what to do with old, abandoned factories by turning them into cultural heritage sites.

Driving high velocity 'Big Data' to create a 'Smart City'

More than 400 delegates from home and abroad gathered at the United Cities and Local Governments World Council and Executive Bureau Meeting in Hangzhou last Friday.

Zhejiang agricultural expo pull in the crowds

The 2017 Zhejiang Agricultural Expo closed on November 28 in Hangzhou. This year over 1,500 exhibitors attended the fair, bringing more than 13,000 types of agricultural products.

Mind over matter as new center offers free psychological respite to the general public

A family psychological experience center, with high-tech facilities and professional therapists has opened to the public in Hangzhou.

Enjoy some A-rated culture and scenery

Hangzhou Tourism Commission has a new list of attractions and Shanghai Daily looks at some of the best.
Art & Culture

Exhibition capturing a bygone era of postcard Britain

An exhibition has opened at Light Gallery in Hangzhou showcasing the very latest in Britain's documentary photography.
Art & Culture

A picture of the human condition through art

A solo exhibition at the Van Art Space gives artist Zhou Yaling yet another opportunity to showcase her precocious talent as she tries to develop private experiences into art.

Banishing the blues with a taste of home-town nostalgia

Hometown food often helps out-of-town people ease homesickness, because it carries the tastes of childhood and nostalgia.