Hangzhou City

The tourist heaven of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, lies in the heart of the southern Yangtze River region. One of China's eight ancient capitals, it has a rich history and easy lifestyle that complement the vibrant regional economy. Shanghai Daily is publishing a special Hangzhou page every Monday through Friday to introduce our readers to its beautiful scenery, fascinating happenings and people, colorful nightlife, lifestyles and business.
Art & Culture

Ancient pottery reveals Hunan-Zhejiang link

White pottery exhibition in Kuahuqiao Site Museum through December 28.

The i-store, revolutionizing retail business

Alibaba Group vice president Xiao Lihua revealed a new type of retail business at the opening of 2018 International E-business Expo held in Hangzhou – the i-store.

Qiandao Lake, providing food for thought and a source of economic wealth

To promote Thousand Islands Lake and consciousness of water protection, Chun'an County organized a charitable experiencing activity for university students.

Making it easier for patients to see a doctor

A health service center's family doctor program launched in 2014 is improving its services and attracting more residents to sign up
Art & Culture

Two artists meeting across time and space

An exhibition gathers over 300 artworks and documents from Feng Zikai and those who influenced and befriended him.
Art & Culture

Artists etch names on seal engraving prize

An China Academy of Art teacher shared first prize with two other talented artists at the second Qiantang River National Seal Engraving competition.

Doors now open at citizen's leisure festival

The 20th West Lake Expo Citizen Leisure Festival and the 19th Hangzhou Food Festival opened its doors on Friday at the "Xixi Paradise" complex.
Art & Culture

From riverside market to boomtown

Xiacheng District has established itself as a commercial center over more than 1,000 years. Now it is building itself as a cultural landmark as well.

'Cirque du Soleil X' to be a resident show in Hangzhou

"Cirque du Soleil X," the famous theatrical producer's only existent resident show in Asia, will be staged in Hangzhou from next year.
Art & Culture

The art of keeping ancient paintings alive

The 2,000-year-old tradition of mounting Chinese paintings and calligraphy in an essential part of the art itself.