Hangzhou City

The tourist heaven of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, lies in the heart of the southern Yangtze River region. One of China's eight ancient capitals, it has a rich history and easy lifestyle that complement the vibrant regional economy. Shanghai Daily is publishing a special Hangzhou page every Monday through Friday to introduce our readers to its beautiful scenery, fascinating happenings and people, colorful nightlife, lifestyles and business.
Art & Culture

Inna Art Space ties people, stories and life

First report in the "Transforming Hangzhou" series, which takes up the view of an art gallery's ten years for inspecting the city's creative industry and changing urban landscape.

Leading China into the new future of fintech

China has more than half the world's financial technology hubs, and Hangzhou is by far the most valuable.
Art & Culture

Honoring Warring States Period jade culture

 Running through March 1, an exhibition at the West Lake Museum showcases the millenia-old jade culture that still influences us today.

Fledgling eSports boost to nation's economy

Chinese eSports club Invictus Gaming claimed China's first world championship in the League of Legends after beating Europe's Fnatic 3-0 in South Korea, early this month.

'Online Police' platform a hi-tech success

Last year Binjiang District Police Bureau launched an "Online Police" program based on hi-tech technology to help crack down on criminals and search for missing persons.
Art & Culture

Keeping traditional cultural heritage alive

The 2018 China Craft Week, held in Hangzhou, showcased the best craftspeople in both China and abroad.
Art & Culture

A million opportunities at West Lake Expo

The 20th West Lake International Expo wrapped up on November 11 after welcoming well over a million visitors and attracting 10.1 billion yuan worth of trade.
Art & Culture

Pipe organist calls the tune in celebration of China's friendship with Hungary

An organ concert celebrating the friendly relationship between China and Hungary was held at the Hangzhou Grand Theater on Saturday.
Art & Culture

Protecting Qiantang River's cultural heritage

Government officials from the world-famous cities nestled along rivers, including Paris in France, Budapest in Hungary and Sao Paulo in Brazil, gathered and delivered speeches

Putting irresponsible dog owners on a leash

A new campaign has been launched in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, to administer harsher penalties on undisciplined dog owners.