Paddling to the top: foreign students and their dragon boat glory

Rustam Boboev, an overseas student from Tajikistan in East China Normal University, is now the captain of the school's dragon boat team. 

Zongzi: When past and present collide

Executive Chef Huang Renkang is one of the many who can still make good zongzi by hand.

Austrian Arno on living in 'the hottest spot in the world'

Austrian Arno had been working in hotel management for almost 30 years, and most of that time has been around many Chinese cities. Now he calls Shanghai home.

Stewed, grilled or barbequed, crayfish always passes test

Crayfish is popular with many Chinese. There are several different ways to enjoy the delicious dish and the choice where 13 spices are added to the pot is the most popular.

Shanghai releases new video to promote import expo

Shanghai released a new video on Friday to promote the first China International Import Expo which is scheduled to be held in the city in November. 

When the wigs come off: The story of Qin and his little shop

Operating a hair salon and wig shop opposite the Shanghai Cancer Center of Fudan University, Qin Kang has heard many stories over the years.

The Italian Consul General, his wife, and their China adventures

The Italian Consul General and his wife have loved their time in China, but it's quickly coming to an end. They share some of their memories.
Art & Culture

To be or not to be: a noble Chinese Hamlet

Fu Xiru has overcome the slings and arrows of the Peking Opera world to thrill audiences across the globe in the title role of the Chinese version of "Hamlet."

Jochen from Germany never expected his life would change so much moving here

German Jochen recorded his version of Shanghai by writing a guide book and a Chinese song, and the city gave him a Chinese wife and a beautiful ten-month-old baby girl.

Historical neighborhood fascinates many visitors

The Caoyang New Village was the first neighborhood opened to the outside world in 1953. It has since on the one-day itinerary to look at the daily lives of Shanghai people.