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Old woman rescued from river after bike incident

An old woman in China's Sichuan Province was washed down river after a motorcycle she was a passenger on tried to cross a swollen river.

Beaten woman seeks help from toll booth operator

A woman going through a toll booth sent a cryptic message to the staff member that she needed help in Shandong Province recently. That set a rescue plan into motion.

Dash cam catches highway death

A dash cam on a car in China's Fujian Province captured the moment a car swerved to avoid a man changing his tire on a motorway. He did not survive.

Clutching at straws to make a dragon

Fei Tugen, 72, in Qingpu District, is an "inheritor" of the national cultural heritage craft of making straw dragons. He has been doing it for more than 20 years.

Woman crashes brand-new BMW into dealership

A woman in Guangzhou recently crashed a brand-new BMW into the dealership while she was returning the SUV. It turns out she mistook the gas pedal for the brake. You break, you buy?

Young boy clings to 8th floor window ledge

A young boy in Guangdong Province recently climbed out of an 8th floor window and clung precariously to a window ledge.

Man drives burning car away from gas pumps

A man whose car suddenly caught fire while pumping gas in Guangxi risked his life and got back inside the burning car to drive it away from the gas pumps.

Bride and groom go to wedding on raft during flood

A bride and groom in Shanxi Province didn't let a little flood get in the way of their special day.

Woman pushes boy in front of van in scam attempt

A woman pushed a young boy in front of a van in Guangzhou on August 14, in a common scam performed in order to receive compensation.

Onlookers help rescue family of 3 from burning building

Onlookers used sheets to help a family of 3 jump from a burning building in Jiangxi Province on August 12.