Mexican Luis and his adventures running around Shanghai and China

Mexican Luis said he had done 100 marathons in 19 countries beginning in the year 2000, but he hopes to run in 50 more countries yet.

Cindy and her split-second decision to move to Shanghai

After retirement in the US, energetic Cindy came to Shanghai with her newly-married husband and continued her career in Shanghai.

Chinese riders tall in the saddle

Horse riding is a pursuit that is captivating a rising number of participants in Shanghai. It's a sport where men and women can compete on an equal footing.

Driverless sweeper trucks on road tests

Two driverless sweeper trucks are being tested in an industrial park in suburban Songjiang District.

Zangzangbao: a taste of chocolate heaven

Zangzangbao, a kind of chocolate-covered croissant, is one of the most popular desserts in Shanghai. This time, we selected and tasted five zangzangbao. Which one is worth trying?

Robots at your service in Shanghai's Xuhui District

Robots have been employed at the administrative service center of Xuhui District to guide procedures, further accelerating the paperwork process.

Green cars popular in Shanghai, but concerns still exist

Shanghai is one of the leading cities promoting electric vehicles in China. Shanghai Daily recently hit the streets to find out people's views on "green" vehicles. 

Mexican girl Lucero discovered her roots in Shanghai

Mexican Lucero came to China because of her mother's roots, but now she's found her love and career here: China has completely changed her life.

Stella from England: Our oldest 'Expat of Shanghai'

80-year-old Stella, from England, really enjoys her regular three-month holidays in Shanghai every year, in which time she became a loyal Shanghai Daily reader.

Helping hands give what's needed to Shanghai's homeless

Sean Pang from Singapore is one of the founders of Kechara Soup Kitchen, a grassroots, non-profit group aiming to distribute free hot meals and necessities to Shanghai's homeless.