AI-generated characters in legends shine at film festival

Wang Jianer, chairman of Shanghai Film Group, tells a Shanghai International Film Festival forum: "Shanghai Film will embrace the arrival of the AI era with practical actions."
Art & Culture

Discover the thrills of the Dragon Boat Festival in Zhoupu Town

From crafting sticky rice dumplings to the thrilling dragon boat races, experience the vibrant traditions of this unique celebration.

Panda center reports false information, verbal abuse to police

Over 10 people have spread false information about the abuse of giant pandas and abused experts, the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda said in a notice.
Art & Culture

'Local lingo: Express yourself!' Episode 66: 吃瓜群众(Chi Gua Qun Zhong)

This idiom evokes an image of individuals who take pleasure in observing the drama of others from a distance, much like spectators enjoying watermelon while watching a show.

Foreign reporters explore Yangpu's innovation and renewal

Reporters from home and abroad visit the district to learn about its innovation development and the commercialization of university research, and to view an urban renewal project.
Art & Culture

Shanghai version of Stan Lai's classic play visits remote cities

The Theater Above version of playwright Stan Lai's signature play "Secret Love in Peach Blossom" is visiting some remote cities, including Yinchuan and Urumqi, for the first time.

Golden epiphanies: Abu Dhabi's aesthetic landscape

As Arina Yakupova explored the bustling streets and markets, she couldn't shake the feeling that every step was guided by some unseen force, leading her towards a greater purpose.

Transforming Shanghai's streets into a dance floor

Amidst the whirlwind of corporate life, Fedir Zahynayko finds his rhythm in an unexpected place: the streets of Shanghai.

Singapore goalkeeper unlikely hero as he saves the day for China

Chinese fans heap praise on Hassan Sunny as he keeps China's World Cup dreams alive with an outstanding performance against Thailand which denied them a place in the final 18.

Shanghai welcomes foreign visitors with new 'How to Pay in Shanghai' video series

You might think you know all the ways to conduct payments in Shanghai, but the city has rolled out a TON of new options just this year. This video series covers all the bases!