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Longhua Road Middle Station makes space for Spanish realism

"Antonio López and the Masters of Spanish Realism" is on display at the New Art Space on Longhua Road Middle Station on Shanghai Metro lines 7 and 12.
Art & Culture

Erhu virtuoso Ma Xiaohui returns from US leg of world tour

As a special event on her world tour, Ma played the erhu for United Nations diplomats, journalists, and other invited guests from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

In Focus

Chinese literary classics gain traction in Turkiye

Dr Giray Fidan of Turkiye has translated classics from the original Chinese for some time. His translation of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" has been reprinted 24 times in 9 years.

Chinese culture in France! Paris gears up for Yuyuan lantern fair

More than 2,000 colorful lights crafted in China have been shipped to France for the first Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival outside of China to be held in Paris in mid-December.
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Bibliophile Yao's former residence collected books for Shanghai (Part 2)

As time goes by, what is the current appearance of the former residence? Join Michelle Qiao to visit Yao Guang's former residence in Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District.
Art & Culture

Bibliophile Yao's former residence collected books for Shanghai (Part 1)

In this episode, we will visit the former residence of Yao Guang, a bibliophile and literary figure during the late Qing Dynasty, to experience the charm of Jiangnan folk mansions.
Art & Culture

Online Tour of Holy Trinity Cathedral (Part 3)

As you step inside this magnificent red-brick church, a Bund landmark for 150+ years, the stunning starry sky dome and colorful lead windows immediately captivate your attention.
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Online Tour of Holy Trinity Cathedral (Part 2)

In 1925, to commemorate the end of the First World War, the Holy Trinity Cathedral installed the largest pipe organ in the Far East at that time, the "War Memorial Organ."
Art & Culture

The Online Tour of Holy Trinity Cathedral (Part 1)

Built in 1847, near the Bund, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Shanghai. Follow Michelle Qiao to explore stories behind the architecture.

Magic in a cup: How to prevent disease with TCM drinks

The saying in TCM, "nurturing health before illness," comes from "Huangdi's Inner Classic" and TCM tea is an important part of that concept.