Women's wears fruit helmet to skirt new law

A woman in China's Sanya was recently filmed wearing a fruit shell as a helmet in an attempt to get around the city's new law introduced this month.

Bloated baby girl has kidney stones removed

A baby girl in China's Sichuan Province went to hospital after becoming bloated. It turned out she had kidney stones.

Chinese students exhibit fan designs at the Louvre

"XJTLU students are full of creative ideas."

Train forced to stop for wedding photographers

A train in China's Xinjiang was forced to stop because a wedding party were taking photos on the track ahead.

Elderly man goes missing, found walking to Shanghai

An elderly man in China's Zhejiang Province who went missing from his job recently was found walking on an expressway to Shanghai.

New apartment buyer gets shocking surprise

The owner of a new apartment in China's Sichuan got a shocking surprise when she stepped into her new home recently...

Doctor pays for woman's hospital treatment

A doctor in Shanghai paid for a patient's surgery after she fell ill looking after her son, who was being treated in the hospital at the time.

Woman refuses to move from other person's seat

A woman on a train in China's Liaoning Province refused to move from someone else's seat.

Master restorers: The husband and wife team bringing ancient art back to life

For his workmanship and devotion to preserving valuable Chinese art legacies, Li was among the first workers in the city honored with the title of "Shanghai Standout."

Tragedy as child killed by falling mirror

A 6-year-old girl was killed when a dressing mirror inside a shop in Foxtown Mall in Feizhou International Building collapsed on Saturday evening.