Art & Culture

Stitches in time: the story of a tsa-tsa craftsman

Kalzang Bum says that temples are the spiritual home of Tibetans. But life is a journey for these traditionally nomadic people, and temples are not always to be found... 

Pan Shenhan: The florist with magic hands

Meet the 18-year-old male florist who wowed the world and brought home a gold medal for his unique and inspiring creations.

An ordinary woman's journey and her prized treasures

This is the story of an antiques collector who found her true self on a famous Shanghai street. She has so far collected around 500 antique pieces, and counting...

The Rothens: Shanghai was the cherry on the top

Just two days after this interview, the German Consul General couple would end their three-year posting in Shanghai and fly back to Germany, leaving a lot of memories behind...
Art & Culture

Zhang Jian: the man who makes shadows come to life

Zhang Jian, a shadow puppet artist from Shanghai, has been making and performing with them for nearly 20 years. For him, shadow puppets are not only his work, but also his life.

Watch: New Jing'an video highlights area's gems

New Jing'an video showcases area's diversity.

From traditional to new wave, hairy crab dishes for all tastes

The hairy crab feast sounds like a lot of cholesterol for one night, but many people find it's worth the splurge.

Still in love with adopted city after 3 decades

South African-born Dave Preston has built a life, a family and a career in Shanghai. Now an Honorary Citizen, he is as local as any local.

All this 9-year-old Chinese-Dutch girl wants is to find her natural mother

One girl, one wish, one determined woman, one visit to China -- but no successful outcome.

Wolfgang Röhr and his Road of Eternal Happiness

Mr.Wolfgang Röhr was previous Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai, holding the title for almost ten years. Three years later, he's still here...