Nepalese entrepreneurs look forward to participating in CIIE

Anoop Bhattarai of Nepal on Shanghai's import expo

The fabric of Chongming cultural heritage is homespun

For Chongming women, homespun fabric is more than just the stuff of making clothes. It also serves as a dowry, a diary and a history.

Drivers' need for speed ends in hot water

A video of two luxury cars speeding on an expressway in Zhejiang Province went viral in China recently. Police have located the drivers based on this video.

Suicidal woman perches from 15th floor window

A suicidal woman in China's Hangzhou sat on a 15th floor window ledge recently. Rescuers couldn't place a safety net below, but they had another plan...

Man attacks woman with box cutters

A man in China's Jiangxi Province attacked a woman with box cutters. Two security guards came to the rescue and also suffered injuries.

Croatian Chamber of Economy preps its firms for important Chinese market

Luka Burilovic of Croatia on Shanghai's import expo

AeroMobil flies car into China's upcoming import expo

AeroMobil has sent a 720-kilogram flying car to China's upcoming import expo, which will make its debut in Asia for the first time in November.

Toddler Falls Under Train at Beijing Station

A toddler fell underneath a train waiting to depart from a Beijing railway station on October 16, sending her parents and staff scrambling to save the child.

Deliveryman Happens Upon Drowning Girl

A deliveryman in the middle of his work noticed something strange in the water in China's Zhejiang Province on October 13...

Karate Champ Rescues Girl From Attacker

A former national karate champion in China's Hangzhou heard a girl screaming on his way home around midnight recently...