Coronavirus Disease Pandemic-SHINE News

Coronavirus Disease Pandemic

On this page you can find the latest updates from SHINE regarding the current outbreak of new coronavirus.



The launch of the Star Market on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is seen as a major step in China's campaign to reform its capital markets and usher in the development of innovation in science and technology. The Nasdaq-style board is aimed at giving companies involved in cutting-edge science and technology greater access to funding.

Shanghai Select-SHINE News

Shanghai Select

Shanghai is on a brand-building campaign to enhance its profile globally. This ongoing series focuses on city industry and economic news related to the elevation of the city’s reputation in four target areas – services, manufacturing, shopping and culture.

What's On-SHINE News

What's On

This column compiles popular activities and events in Shanghai, so you don't have to! It covers exhibitons, concerts, drama performances and other fun activities. This useful guide will help you decide where to head when you have some spare time. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please contact us at zhengqiong@shanghaidaily.com.

Marking 100 Years of Communist Party of China-SHINE News

Marking 100 Years of Communist Party of China

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, which was born in 1921 in Shanghai.

Welcoming The Year Of The Ox-SHINE News

Welcoming The Year Of The Ox

Chinese New Year, or the start of the new lunar year, is the biggest festival in China. Although China was successful in bringing the pandemic under control, recent outbreaks of new locally transmitted cases in parts of China have raised alarm bells for public safety ahead of the start of the Year of the Ox on February 12. This series explores how Spring Festival is shaping up in Shanghai.

Designer's Q&A-SHINE News

Designer's Q&A

Designers from around the world share their proud projects, design spirits, ideas and give professional views about the industry.

Home & Decoration-SHINE News

Home & Decoration

In this home and deco series, we interview families from around the world about their design and furnishing ideas, their daily routines, their lifestyles and how they find their dreamy home in this dynamic city. No matter big or small, their home represents their attitude and aesthetic toward life, and their stories with Shanghai.

Buzzwords-SHINE News


In this column we try to improve the English rendering of new Chinese phrases or terms popping up frequently in the local press or daily conversations.

National Treasures-SHINE News

National Treasures

From pottery to ritual bronzes, jade burial suit, porcelain, embroidery and ornaments, every cultural relic witnesses the history of China and has an interesting story to tell. This series explores some of the greatest national treasures collected in the major museums of China.

Opera Painting-SHINE News

Opera Painting

Chinese opera is rich in folklore, characters and distinctive costumes and make-up. Its long history has inspired artworks drawn from scenes and performers. This series will take a closer look at this unique genre through the works of Shanghai painter Zhu Gang.

The Oyster Pail-SHINE News

The Oyster Pail

'The Oyster Pail' is an expatriate's take on Shanghai life. Expect candid dialogue and sincere reflection, set to the backdrop of this unique city.

People-SHINE News


Everyone has a story to tell.

A New Dawn-SHINE News

A New Dawn

October 17 marks the 7th National Poverty Relief Day, and the year of 2020 is the target year for the alleviation of poverty nationwide. SHINE is celebrating this mammoth achievement by visiting a number of rural areas in China who have successfully been lifted from poverty.

Shanghai Standouts-SHINE News

Shanghai Standouts

Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions launched a project to single out front-line workers whose expertise, professionalism and spirit are helping the city achieve its goal of becoming a hub of innovation and a center for the "Made in China 2025" campaign. Those honored represent a wide variety of vocations, including industry, horticulture, sports, arts and crafts, education, design and charity work.

Around The Delta-SHINE News

Around The Delta

This section explores the Yangtze River Delta region in various aspects, including its economy, tourism and transport facilities.

WorldSkills Shanghai 2022-SHINE News

WorldSkills Shanghai 2022

In 2022 Shanghai will be the skills capital of the world when the city hosts the 46th WorldSkills Competition.

Building an Innovation Hub-SHINE News

Building an Innovation Hub

The city will implement policies to support the national goal of becoming self-reliant in technology as it pursues its own plan to become a global science and technology hub.

iDEALShanghai-SHINE News


Your ultimate guide to an authentic and ideal Shanghai life!

China's Wonders-SHINE News

China's Wonders

From the Great Wall to the Terracotta Army, the relics and artifacts that tell the stories of some of China’s greatest engineering achievements showcase China’s talent and wisdom in dealing with and respecting nature. This column explores some of China’s great ancient achievements.

Building A Well-off Society-SHINE News

Building A Well-off Society

China is striving to achieve the goal of building a moderately well-off society in all respects by the end of 2020. It includes an improved governance system in the fields of the economy, politics, culture, society and ecology. This series focuses on the practices adopted by Shanghai to make the city a better place to live and work in.

Emma Leaning is MENTAL-SHINE News

Emma Leaning is MENTAL

But so are 1 in 4 of us. Shanghai, we need to talk about being MENTAL.

China International Import Expo-SHINE News

China International Import Expo

The Third China International Import Expo (CIIE) is held in Shanghai China from November 5th to November 10th in National Exhibition and Convention Center.

2021 Shanghai in Session-SHINE News

2021 Shanghai in Session

Everything you need to know about this year's Two Sessions: Shanghai's most important annual political conferences.