24 Solar Terms

Yang energy heads up as dahan sets in

Major Cold is the last solar term of the year and is usually followed by the last chilly days before the Chinese New Year. 
World Heritage Sites in China

Looking up, looking down at an ethereal world of wonder

Of all the memorable sights in China, Zhangjiajie ranks among the unforgettable. From glass bridge to a "forest" of karst pinnacles, this is a journey into an astounding world.
Influential Women in Chinese History

Tragic life of a Chinese beauty

Li Xiangjun, ranked the first of the "Eight Beauties of Qinhuai," is recognized for her fidelity and patriotism. 
What's in a Name

Fei: a noble and honored name

There are an estimated 480,000 people surnamed Fei, accounting for 0.034 percent of the population in China. It ranks the 199th Chinese family name in terms of population. 
Dream, Create, Inspire

Great expectations in uncertain times

Guesswork aside, the future is rooted in the present
Traditional Chinese painting

Emperor Xuanzong's Journey to Shu

"Emperor Xuanzong's Journey to Shu" has long been deemed the best example of the Green and Blue Landscape genre in traditional Chinese painting.

Shanghai Heritage

Nimble fingers turn dough into delicate art

Chen Yu, 68, has devoted almost 40 years to making dough figurines. The traditional art is among Shanghai's and also China's intangible cultural heritage.
On Nanjing Road Trail

Sun Sun Co profited from novel, fresh ideas

Sun Sun Co, the third of the four big Chinese department stores on Nanjing Road, thrived on innovative ideas, including a glass radio station. 
Cornerstones at the Grassroots

Belle of the ball

It's all about ingredients, says the owner of a popular eatery specializing in sticky rice balls. But a lot of gritty determination went into creating this small business.
Animal Planet

Animals suffer when humans wage war

When humans wage war, they harm more than just one another. Wild animals suffer too, and some have verged on annihilation in Africa's many anti-colonial and civil conflicts.