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This column compiles popular activities and events in Shanghai, so you don't have to! It covers exhibitons, concerts, drama performances and other fun activities. This useful guide will help you decide where to head when you have some spare time. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please contact us at zhengqiong@shanghaidaily.com.

Talk show gathers celebrities to share stories about Spring Festival

Popular singers from different generations, including Guan Mucun, Sha Baoliang and Chen Chusheng, will share with audiences their own memories and stories about Spring Festival.

New mid-life crisis romance series to hit the airwaves

With a star-studded cast including Zhang Jiayi, Li Xiaoran and Song Dandan, the heartwarming series "Wonderful Life" portrays the emotions of middle-aged people. 

JJ Lin looking to find nostalgic 'Sanctuary' in Shanghai

To 1980s and 1990s music lovers, JJ Lin is remembered as a versatile singer specializing in nostalgia.

Series to document master artists and cultural celebrities

A new documentary series will show the hardships, perseverance and endless passion of veteran artists, as well as their influence on the younger generation. 
Art & Culture

Intriguing exhibit unearths cradle of Chinese Buddhist culture

A captivating new art exhibition, "Blissful Land: Into the Depth of Statues & Murals," recently unveiled at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, promises to leave visitors intrigued.
Art & Culture

Documentaries to highlight Chinese culture, traditions and the spirit of China's craftsmanship

Three documentaries in English will hit the screen during the holiday to highlight Chinese culture, traditions and the spirit of China's craftsmanship.

'Detective Chinatown II' to hit screens on Lunar New Year's Day

In the sequel, the detective duo of Chinatown embark on an adventure to New York to participate in a world detective contest. 

New romance series to air on local TV

Based on a popular online novel, the series centers around a couple in love who missed each other for 10 years. It will start airing tomorrow on Dragon TV.

Zoo delight as penguins take a stroll

Head to Shanghai Zoo on the weekends for a close look at African penguins that venture out of their cages for a stroll along the boulevard.
Art & Culture

Artist's 'Great Voyage' throws down sea legs challenge

"The Grand Voyage: The Seventh Prophecy," currently showcasing at ShanghART, is an exhibition that throws down a challenge to visitors.