Wang Yong

Opinion Managing Editor

Professor elated after team effort returns lost bag

The bag contained a computer with important documents, so important that the Professor offered a 10,000 yuan reward. But in the end he didn't need to give it to anyone...
Chinese views

Great people, great nation, but we're still human

In protecting your rights when you travel overseas, please behave in a way that justifies the greatness of our nation.
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'Battlefield' lays bare the truth: Victory can also feel like defeat

The Pandavas' victory over the Kauravas in the Mahabharata drives home the hard fact that victory over others feels more like a defeat.
Foreign views

Stories about ordinary characters help in reflecting the bigger cross-cultural picture

Face-to-face journalism helps overcome bias toward a different culture.
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Spirit of ancient Dunhuang offers model for confident exchange between civilizations

Future study could indicate more meaningful interactions between ancient Western and Eastern civilizations.
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Bhutan's therapy for happiness: Better evolve at your own pace

“At our own pace” may be the best catch phrase for anyone who wants to live a balanced life. 
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East or West, a better life is dream for all

American diplomat and scholar Dr. Patrick Mendis shares his views on Sino-American relations.