The men and brands that gave Shanghai its identity - Book in China

The men and brands that gave Shanghai its identity

Chinese writer Chen Danyan has been exploring the city's cultural and historical heritage for over 25 years and has documented every significant event in as many as seven books.
Testing times for post-pandemic publishers - Book in China

Testing times for post-pandemic publishers

Publishers attending the Shanghai children's book fair believe the adapted pandemic control measures may well stay and change the children's book publishing industry forever.
Did Snow White deal with midlife crisis? - Book in China

Did Snow White deal with midlife crisis?

Chinese writer Chen Danyan recently launched her new experimental novel on the Rose Island in the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.
Shanghai's cultural heritage through the eyes of shifu - Book in China

Shanghai's cultural heritage through the eyes of shifu

Over the past eight years, Zhou Qi has journeyed across Shanghai and its suburbs to interview shifu who are skilled at working with their hands.

Grasping ancient culture: It's fun and easy! - Book in China

Grasping ancient culture: It's fun and easy!

Journalist and media pundit Zhang Ciyun releases a six-volume exploration of ancient Chinese wisdom.
Children's authors putting minds at rest - Book in China

Children's authors putting minds at rest

Working from home, writers and illustrators put together two books that explain the current coronavirus crisis in words and pictures that children can understand.
Fun and simple books to help enrich your China experience - Book in China

Fun and simple books to help enrich your China experience

In the latest effort to make learning Chinese easier and more entertaining for foreigners, Shanghai Translation Publishing House has rolled out two books in English. 
Chinese travel writer's tribute to 'Ulysses' - Book in China

Chinese travel writer's tribute to 'Ulysses'

The English version of Chinese writer Chen Danyan's "The Day of Galloping Thoughts – A Geographical Reading of 'Ulysses'" was published by Cork City Library in Ireland this month.
New books published to simplify China for foreigners - Book in China

New books published to "simplify" China for foreigners

"History Flashback" and "Language Empowerment" are written in English by both Chinese and foreign authors and released by the Shanghai Translation Publishing House.
100 characters from Kouga Hirano - Book in China

100 characters from Kouga Hirano

Renowned designer's "characters that breathe" feature in a book published by the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House.
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