Chinese consumer confidence rises in H1

Consumers in China's mainland are among the most optimistic in the Asia-Pacific region, a MasterCard report says

China's mainland consumers are among the most optimistic in the Asia-Pacific region, reflecting the stable development of China's economy, according to a report of MasterCard today.

The MasterCard Consumer Confidence Index of Chinese consumers stood at 88.2 points in the first half of 2017, up 7.4 points from the second half of 2016. China's mainland is ranked as fifth among the 18 markets in the Asia-Pacific region, which is 21.3 points higher than the average.

The index also shows that Chinese consumers are especially optimistic over the economy, fixed income and life quality in the first half six months of the year.

"China's consumer confidence is growing, indicating the stable development of China's economy and the effectiveness of deepening the supply-side structural reform and advancing the industrial optimization and upgrading," said Chang Qing, president of MasterCard China.

China is using the supply-side structural reform to adjust the economic structure, optimize the allocation of resources to improve social productivity and economic growth.

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