Shanghai Select

Shanghai is on a brand-building campaign to enhance its profile globally. This ongoing series focuses on city industry and economic news related to the elevation of the city’s reputation in four target areas – services, manufacturing, shopping and culture.

Shanghai opens more public roads for testing of intelligent and connected vehicles to speed up industry development

More public roads opened will offer a larger scope for testing of ICVs and the complexity of road tests will be further improved.

Shanghai's move to further streamline introduction of new drugs welcomed

Shanghai will leverage its strong position in fostering innovation to encourage new drug R&D and to speed up the introduction of innovative medicines, officials said.

Time-honored brands exhibiting this weekend

More than 200 companies of Chinese time-honored brands exhibited their products at the China Time-Honored Brand and Famous Brand Expo.

Shanghai chip industry to be worth 100 billion yuan

Annual revenue from Shanghai's integrated circuit sector will hit 130 billion yuan (US$19.1 billion) in 2020, compared with 80 billion last year.

SUEZ opens new research center in Shanghai

SUEZ unveiled its fourth research and development center in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park of Shanghai's Pudong District Thursday.

Big data to make big progress in payments

Public payment platform collaboration will make it easier for residents.

Adroit minds to converge on artificial intelligence

Shanghai is to become a global center for artificial intelligence by attracting international talent and providing technological and information-exchange platforms.

Banks boost local technological innovations and inclusive finance: regulator

Banks in Shanghai lent great support to scientific and technological innovations and boosted the financial inclusion of small enterprises, the local banking watchdog said. 

Deadly earthquake inspires idea of robots as physical therapists

By analyzing data from existing patients and through data-mining powered by new algorithms, he said future robotic products will become more adaptive to the requirements of users.

Shops without cashiers: a boon or a bust?

Consumer curiosity, even enthusiasm, that greeted the onset of cashier-free stores seems to be slowly fading and store operators are diversifying their offerings.