Shanghai Select

This ongoing series of articles will focus on Shanghai-specific industry and economic news.

Reforms pay off as growth gathers pace

Shanghai's economy was bolstered by industrial production in the first three quarters.

Still in love with adopted city after 3 decades

South African-born Dave Preston has built a life, a family and a career in Shanghai. Now an Honorary Citizen, he is as local as any local.

Thinking smart with artificial intelligence

SenseTime, a company valued at 10 billion yuan (US$1.5 billion), has secured the biggest single round of financing in the worldwide artificial intelligence industry.

Open sesame! Trio unlock Alibaba's trove

Three Americans living in Shanghai manage to address the problem of expats shopping on the Alibaba platforms Taobao and Tmall  with their services named Baopals.

Young entrepreneur a startup 'poster boy'

QI Junyuan exemplifies the generation of university graduates who turned their backs on easy, lucrative career paths to follow their dreams and start their own businesses.

Tipping the scales to balance renting and buying

Shanghai is establishing a system that places equal importance on sale and leasing of the local property market.

Tracking technology for self-driving vehicles

THE next generation of cars, already on the drawing boards, require considerable time, research and testing before they become commonplace on the roads.

Propelling manufacturers into the new age

Tthe city is trying to reinvent the role of its industry by pushing factories to adopt advanced technologies, become more innovative and attract more professional talent.

Convenience the byword for retail hotshots

Small, ubiquitous convenience shops are so popular with urbanites on the go.

Laser radar robots will transform daily life

Shanghai-based Slamtec manufactured the robot with the laser radar allows it to scan its surroundings in fractions of a second.