Shanghai Select

Shanghai is on a brand-building campaign to enhance its profile globally. This ongoing series focuses on city industry and economic news related to the elevation of the city’s reputation in four target areas – services, manufacturing, shopping and culture.

Commercial complexes continue to grow in Shanghai

City-wide report indicates commercial complexes still in a period of rapid development albeit the transformation in retailing sector

No end to Shanghai's efforts to improve its business environment

"There is only 'the present tense' for Shanghai to make efforts for better business environment, and there will never be 'the perfect tense'." 

Shanghai real estate sector looking rosy

Shanghai's real estate investment and development prospects in the Asia Pacific region for next year continue to be rosy, despite high prices and severe competition.

Shanghai's 'complete digital infrastructure' serves citizens well: officials

Shanghai has built complete digital infrastructure to better serve citizens which includes faster broadband networks and wide coverage 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Baidu signs AI deal with Shanghai government

The Shanghai government has signed a strategic collaboration deal with Baidu to enhance smart city construction and build a benchmark metropolitan for the adoption of AI. 

Shanghai among most prepared cities in Asia-Pacific

Shanghai is the third most prepared city in the Asia-Pacific, following Singapore and Melbourne, according to Cushman & Wakefield's inaugural "The Prepped Cities Index."

The recruitment hub for Yangtze River Delta

The city is also spearheading efforts to attract top talent around the world to China and to the region.


Shanghai retail to gain inspiration from overseas, and the city's past

Shanghai shall combine online and offline businesses to drive synergies and commercial initiatives to better promote the city as a shopping destination.

Forget drones. Undersea robots are next big breakthrough

Commercial drones have shown that the sky is no longer the limit. Among the many candidates with the potential of repeating the success of drones are underwater robots.

Ping'an Healthcare Technology launches smart insurance platform

The company wants to make lodging claims simpler and easier for its policy-holders.