John H. Isacs


Sardinia, an island paradise of vino treasures

One of China's growing number of talented young female chefs who are bravely endeavoring to create dishes from two of Europe's greatest culinary traditions: Italy and France.

Flight-friendly snacks no picnic without Riesling

When choosing a synergistic wine partner for in-flight snacks, you need a combination of fruitiness, freshness and food versatility. 

Perfect tipple when you find yourself in a pickle

In the world of pickles, there's really only one perfect wine.

Wolf Blass, Columbia Crest stand out at eateries

In congruence with the story on international chain restaurants in China, I wanted to introduce two large publicly traded producers that make consistently excellent wines.

Valpolicella is a fine Valentine wine for romantics

How can we genuinely be romantic? Picking a romantic wine is a great start and no other wine does this better than Amarone.

Kiwi Pinot brings home the Spring Festival bacon

The red variety Pinot Noir is definitely one of the wine world's pork-pairing champions. When pork dishes are more heavily seasoned, one style of Pinot Noir stands out.

Flexible and easy to read taro packs a pink punch

Taro, in its most basic form, goes well with practically all styles of wine. 

Steamed Chinese treats and popular bubbles

For me, the best beverage with dim sum is sparkling wine. My ideal dim sum companion is Prosecco.

Food-friendly Barbera puts spice in wine life

Many readers are well aware of the multitude of delicious applications of star anise in Chinese cuisine, but what about an ideal wine partner?

Try these tasty summer favorites to beat the heat

Like a splash in the pool, these seasonal wines keep us fresh and cool.