Pretty in pink perfect with sticky rice cakes

When considering wine pairing the most important characteristic of niangao is the sticky texture.

Albarino, a comforting seafood dish bedfellow

Ample fruit, minerality and other qualities all help make a wine synergistic with seafood but it's the acidity that's most important. 

Sauvignon Blanc has perfect hotpot temperament

Fortunately, one wine variety has both the similar and contrasting qualities to successfully pair with all these hotpots.

Sicilian wine is top of the hops for bullfrog dishes

Some of the world's most popular and best-selling styles of wine also have the ability to seduce over a period of time. And case in point are the fine wines of Sicily.

Be a shepherd not a sheep, dare yourself

The brand-new year is replete with opportunities to embellish our wine lives. We can choose to follow the major trends of the day or drink a path less traveled.

Hot Chile secret

Freezing temperatures and soaring holiday spirits make this the perfect time for a hot tipple. 

Northern Italy top of best food and wine list

From a predominantly food perspective, Spain and France certainly have several places that are home to great foods and wines.

A sweet sip from Hungary to pair with tanghulu

What wine to pair with traditional tanghulu skewers or creative new manifestations of hawthorn fruit? The wines should be slightly sweeter than the food.

Costieres de Nimes ideal wine for breaking bread

 Today's iDEAL feature story introduces readers to the world of bread. There are few foods we still enjoy today that predate wine, but bread is one. 

Spanish Toro tops the list as a goose-friendly dish

Few gourmet combinations reach such delectable heights, but one even exceeds it. Goose and wine.