Creating a perfect dining ambience in your own home

This week, I'll give you three important tips on drinking wine in the comfort of your home and introduce a perfect wine for springtime drinking.

Wine and literature served at the right temperature

The pages of great literature liberally flow with tales of wine.

Trial and error: Pair wine with Chinese cuisine

With a lot of dogma coming from wine experts and wine schools, one might suppose that wine was a consensus subject. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Wines to fight those delectable, deep-fired delights

The two most important qualities that make wines ideal companions to deep-fried foods are acidity and tannins. The former is the most important.

Try a light sparkly to celebrate the Lantern Festival

Some days offer unique opportunities to pair wines with celebratory foods. The Lantern Festival is one such day.

How to make a wine and cheese night memorable

I suggest the growing number of local gourmets share their love of cheese with a glass or two of wine. Why? Because they are perfect partners.

Pretty in pink perfect with sticky rice cakes

When considering wine pairing the most important characteristic of niangao is the sticky texture.

Albarino, a comforting seafood dish bedfellow

Ample fruit, minerality and other qualities all help make a wine synergistic with seafood but it's the acidity that's most important. 

Sauvignon Blanc has perfect hotpot temperament

Fortunately, one wine variety has both the similar and contrasting qualities to successfully pair with all these hotpots.

Sicilian wine is top of the hops for bullfrog dishes

Some of the world's most popular and best-selling styles of wine also have the ability to seduce over a period of time. And case in point are the fine wines of Sicily.