Chinese Embassy lodges stern protest over Real Madrid fan's anti-China remarks

Zhang Chaoyan
Female vlogger posts video of incident after being subjected to what she later found out were "vulgar and malicious" insults in a song by a fan of the Real Madrid football club.
Zhang Chaoyan
Chinese Embassy lodges stern protest over Real Madrid fan's anti-China remarks

A still from the video showing a Real Madrid fan singing a song said to contain insults directed at Chinese women.

The Chinese Embassy in Spain has lodged a stern protest with Real Madrid, the European football club, after a female Chinese vlogger claimed to have been subjected to racist and insulting remarks against Chinese women.

A video circulating online show the vlogger conducting a post-match interview on the streets of the UK when she encounters a fan celebrating Real Madrid's victory in the UEFA Champions League final.

On learning the vlogger is Chinese, the fan sings a Spanish song said to contain racial slurs and insults towards Chinese women.

The fan claimed the lyrics were "celebrating Real Madrid's victory," assuming the Chinese vlogger did not understand Spanish, and then lured her to sing it with him.

Later, the Chinese vlogger learned the truth through a friend who understood Spanish and posted a video of the incident online.

The lyrics included the phrases "F**k the Chinese" and "A little Chinese girl, I can handle her, on your mother's bed."

The Chinese Embassy in Spain issued a statement on Tuesday which strongly condemned racist remarks against China by Real Madrid fans.

It said: "The remarks were vulgar and malicious. The embassy is deeply shocked and outraged by this and has immediately lodged a stern protest with Real Madrid FC."

The statement also cited Real Madrid's response, saying the club was "considering these actions as isolated behaviors of a few fans that do not represent the stance of Real Madrid or the majority of Real Madrid fans."

There was speculation online that the fan involved is the grandson of former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz and the son of Real Madrid's official commentator Lorenzo Sanz Durán.

A family photo on Lorenzo Sanz Durán's social media account shows a young man bearing a striking resemblance to the fan involved.

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