Everyone has a story to tell.

His festivals are a hit with kids and families

When music fan Liu Jian and his American wife had their first child and thought their festival days were over, an album of children's music from the US sparked an idea. 
Art & Culture

Hotelier now an artistic action man

Philippe Caretti bends, swirls and dashes as he paints. His work is reminiscent of the action painting of the mid-20th century, but he uses syringes rather than brushes or sticks.

Singing the praises of China's city of towers

Denmark's Lydmor features Shanghai in her latest single, "Money Towers." She will perform in Shanghai on April 19 as part of her Asia tour.
Art & Culture

Rare solo exhibition for an artist who shunned the limelight

At 95, Zhang Gongque still paints every day. "I just paint for myself, because that's my art," he says, "which constantly keeps my mind running and my body strong."
Art & Culture

Time for tea, kung fu style

"I won't quit," says Ye Hanzhong who doesn't like being called a "master." A controversial figure, Ye sees his mission as promoting the Chaozhou gongfu (kung fu) tea ceremony. 


Muscle Barbie works up a sweat on social media

A 23-year-old female college bodybuilder has worked up a bit of a sweat on the social media platform thanks to her pumping iron obsession.
Art & Culture

Brazilian architect putting people into building design

Fernando Brando was the chief designer of the striking green Brazil Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, one of the most popular pavilions at the six-month event.

Scott Wallace: The Unconquered

During a three-month expedition in the Amazon Basin, Wallace uncovered how the Arrow People had managed to endure as one of the last unconquered tribes. 

Parsing the past to comprehend the present

The Man Booker Prize-winning work "The Narrow Road to the Deep North" took Australian author Richard Flanagan 12 years and five drafts.

People of the land, voice of the people

Land is the dominant feature in the works of Australian Aboriginal writer Alexis Wright, whose Chinese great-grandfather left his homeland for a hard life Down Under.