Everyone has a story to tell.
Everyone has a story to tell.

If poetry is food for her heart, flesh is her favorite appetizer

"It's a book about my relationship with my father. About growing up and becoming someone who eventually grows to be more comfortable with becoming Canadian," says Sonia Di Placido.

Pakistani expat adds river cleanup to list of volunteer projects

Several times a week, Aiza Kashif inspects the riverbanks near her home as part of a grassroots environmental campaign.

Restoring dignity to the dead

Mortician Wang Gang is relentless in his pursuit of perfection in a desire to reconstruct the faces and bodies of accident victims and lessen the trauma of their loved ones.

A chemical consultant with a passion for birds and mud

On many sunny days, Kai Pflug gets up around 5am, sometimes much earlier, and drives to Nanhui, carrying his big camera with a huge lens.

Art + technology: new visions of Earth's future

AS a designer who combines art and technology in urban areas, Daan Roosegaarde says he believes art can be a powerful medium in saving Earth from environment ruin.

Winnie Hsu brews up a storm in the beer world

Women are making waves in the craft of brewing beer, once a male-dominated industry. A tough apprenticeship in the US reaped rewards for one Taiwan native.

Mother Rainbow's overarching philosophy colors the lives of families

Zhang Canhong, 63, who devotes her life to caring for her autistic child, created a haven where parents like her can find help and support.

Underground, under cover of the night

He Xiaoling is the leader and only female member of a Metro tunnel maintenance team. Before she became a tunnel specialist, she was responsible for emergency repairs. 

Boundary tablets mark traces of city development

The Collection Museum of Shanghai Modern, covering 400 square meters near the Lujiazui financial hub, has collected over 40 such historical tablets as its key artifacts.
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Flawless performance a labor of love

A beautiful character on the stage of Kunqu Opera is more than just elaborate dressing. One young star shares the long path and hard work.