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Maestro on the move: challenges and joy in leading urban culture

AN orchestra, as part of the city it serves, should work at more than just playing music, but contribute to the cultural wellbeing of the city, according to Alan Gilbert.
Art & Culture

A virtuoso in everything she undertakes

While pianist Jenny Q Chai's fingers danced along the keyboard, those of a Chinese painter brushed along a screen to the melody she played.
Art & Culture

Musician without borders

Being a musician is more than just playing an instrument, as cellist Julian Lloyd Webber, 67, can attest.
Art & Culture

Printer's bedroom gave birth to IdleBeats

Artist Nini Sum's venture into screen printing had humble beginnings but now attracts attention from all over the world.

Yoga trainer takes Rocket to China

American teacher, a leading figure impressed by development in Shanghai on his twice yearly visits.

Yangpu drives innovation and entrepreneurship

Startups are flourishing with support from the district government.

Shanghai taps into young inventors' imagination

The city's ambition to become a world hub for innovation focuses efforts on encouraging new ideas.

Smiling Clovers gear up for biggest-ever role

A volunteer group in a Qingpu District town will be doing its part to make the Import Expo a success.

Czech chef checks into a happening city

The restaurant where Michal Radek works, Krajánek Czech Brewery, features Czech and European cuisine. It is the first and only Czech restaurant with a brewery in Shanghai.

To the power of two

An elderly pair recall the parts they played in China's industrial development and the aid from Czech experts.