Everyone has a story to tell.

A childhood interrupted by war

The 38-year-old author Ishmael Beah was in Shanghai to read from "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" and shared his experiences as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

A pioneer in China's creative and cultural park development

For over a decade, He Zengqiang has been involved in nine creative and cultural parks in Shanghai.

Fulfilling the goal of China as a world 'soccer superpower'

When Harry Spencer landed in Shanghai five years ago, he had no money, job or a plan for the future. Today, he owns Mr Harry, a successful British restaurant and a soccer agent.
Art & Culture

Impressionist innovator bewildering Western world with a fusion of science and art

Innovative artist Li Zili continues to confound and bewilder the Western art world with his exploration toward impressionism in "scattered perspective" and "optical artwork."

Italian soprano expresses her Francophile love affair

Italian soprano Anna Caterina Antonacci makes her debut at the Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall on Sunday where she will stage a recital of French works. 
Art & Culture

Creating Virtue: The Story of the Thangka Painter

Thangka, a unique painting format featuring Buddha, deities and other religious symbols in Tibetan culture, is still practiced by some every single day.
Art & Culture

'Mountain man' of geometry, light, space

For renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta, architecture should respond to real needs. It should not only be beautiful, but also functional and authentic.

'The Panda' is ONE's first Chinese belt holder

Shandong Province native Xiong Jingnan makes history by becoming the ONE Women's Strawweight World Champion, the first from China. 
Art & Culture

The artist who defied his parents to mount his own mountain

Tang Zeming trained as a swimmer, and his parents had high hopes for him. However, instead of being an Olympic champion, he has become a leading ink-wash painter and teacher.

From war-torn tumult to the classical stage

With tight jeans, shining jackets and long Afro hair jiggling in the air, Ara Malikian's appearance is nothing like what you would expect from a classical musician.