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Driver praised by police after hitting boar

A woman driving on the Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway was praised by police after hitting and killing a wild boar.

Railway police help girl reunite with parents

A little girl was crying and asking for her mother on a platform at Suzhou Railway Station. 

'Good Samaritan' in custody after saving woman

A man from China's Fujian Province helped a woman who was being attacked ended up in police custody for 14 days.

Woman buys pet pig to usher in Chinese New Year

A woman in China's Shanghai bought a small pet pig to usher in Chinese New Year, but problems grew from there…

Sanitation worker donates body to science

A retired sanitation worker from China's Jiangsu Province died at the age of 79. His body was donated to science in accordance with his will.

Former soldier saves girl from falling suitcase

A passenger from China's Hubei Province lost hold of her suitcase on a subway escalator.

Ghost writing robots a hit among students

A woman from China's Heilongjiang Province was impressed when she saw her middle school daughter finish her homework really quickly, but her excitement was short-lived.

Doctors give patient ultimate holiday gift

A man from China's Shaanxi Province had a stroke before the Spring Festival. He was sent to hospital but couldn't afford to pay for medical treatment.

Fleeing suspect runs into police base

A man from China's Henan Province, suspected of drunk driving, abandoned his car and fled from police, but he ended up right in their arms.

Subway staff touched by passenger's OCD behavior

A young man from China's Hubei Province helped put his family members in line while waiting for a train at a subway station.