Thief dons ghostly disguise in bid to avoid security camera

A man was eventually captured by police after wrapping himself in a white sheet when he tried to commit burglary in a residential building in Fujian.

A man crept into a residential building in Jinjiang, Fujian to commit burglary on July 12, but was forced to return with a spooky disguise after discovering the property had a security camera.

When he went upstairs to the second floor, he realized a surveillance camera was in operation and immediately retreated.

But twenty minutes later he returned, this time looking rather ghostly, wrapped entirely in a white sheet.

After an investigation, police said the suspect, surnamed Yang, cut the curtain from a household on the first floor in a bid to conceal his identity, and then threw it away after passing the camera. In the end he failed to steal a single thing.

Police caught up with him at an apartment in Shishi on July 16.

The suspect confessed that he had committed seven crimes since July and has been detained by police.

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