Two women battle over Shanghai subway seat

Two woman allegedly fought over a seat on Metro Line 11 in Shanghai on September 26, and the incident was caught on video.

A video showing two women fighting on a subway carriage has been widely shared on social media.

The incident happened around 9am on Shanghai's Metro Line 11 on September 26.

It is said that the quarrel was all over a seat.

In the video, a man seems to try to break up the fight, but he soon gives up when he realizes his efforts are futile.

The two women grapple with each other and one of them is almost jammed in the train's closing door in the heat of battle.

Chinese netizens were shocked by the video, with one commenting, "Both of them are so young, what does it matter to stand for a while? It's not necessary to fight over a seat!" Another added, "More understanding, less conflict!"

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