Mother gives birth on high speed rail platform

A woman gave birth to a baby at a "temporary delivery room" on the platform of a railway station in Chenzhou, Hunan Province.

A woman gave birth at a "temporary delivery room" on the platform of a high-speed railway station in Chenzhou, Hunan Province this week.

The woman suddenly showed signs of going into labor when she was on a high-speed train between Hubei and Guangdong Provinces on November 8. 

Staff on the train radioed ahead and organized for railway staff to meet the woman at Chenzhou West Railway Station, where she got off at 1:04pm.

Railway staff called an ambulance but the expectant mother went into labor, forcing them to set up a "temporary delivery room" on the platform using clothing and a quilt.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, staff followed the directions of a doctor on the phone.

The woman successfully gave birth to a baby boy just 15 minutes after getting off the train.

When medical staff arrived on the scene, they helped the mother cut the umbilical cord, wrap the new-born baby and take the pair to hospital.

Both are reportedly in a good condition.

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