Neglected Single's Day parcel grows mushrooms

A parcel from the Single's Day shopping spree grew mushrooms after the buyer failed to pick it up in Lijiang, Yunnan Province.

A parcel from this year's Single's Day shopping spree grew mushrooms after the buyer left it at the courier station for too long in Lijiang, Yunnan Province.

As photos taken on November 24 show, mushrooms can be seen growing out of the box.

The courier station workers noted that the objects inside the parcel included a fungus pack — a culture medium with fungus spores which can promote the growth of mushrooms after a certain time.

When they received the parcel, they informed the customer to come and pick up his package, at which point mushrooms hadn't yet appeared. The customer didn't immediately pick up his delivery, though, and after several days staff noticed mushrooms had appeared.

The parcel has now been taken away by its owner, who applauded the growth of the mushrooms and said they were even bigger than others he had bought in the past.

A web commentator joked that the customer could give the online store a favorable rating even without opening the parcel.

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