Man asks wife to sit in trunk of taxi holding large table

A taxi was filmed driving in a tunnel in Nanchang while a woman held a large table in the trunk on March 13.

A video showing a woman holding a large table in the trunk of a taxi that was driving through a tunnel in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, was widely shared on social media on March 13.

The taxi was stopped by police who tracked the car down after receiving reports from netizens, according to Ncnews, a local news website.

The taxi driver, surnamed Zheng, told police the woman in the trunk is his wife. They wanted to bring the table to their daughter's rental house, but it was too big to fit in the car and they had no rope to tie it down. Zheng instead asked his wife to sit in the boot of the car and hold on to the table as they drove.

Zheng said they just wanted to save money, so they didn't bother renting a bigger vehicle to deliver the table.

He was fined 150 yuan (US$23.8) and two points were deducted from his driving license.

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