Girl becomes stuck in bed rails after attempting latest Internet challenge

A girl in east China had to be freed by firefighters after she became stuck trying to show how slim she was by squeezing through bed rails on May 5.

Fans of Tik Tok, a popular video sharing app, are currently obsessed with the latest Internet challenge: proving how slim they are by squeezing between rails.

But a girl in east China undertaking the challenge became stuck in her dorm on May 5, Metropolitan Express reported.

The girl, surnamed Li, was competing with her roommates to prove who had the best figure at a high school in Jiande, Zhejiang Province.

Li's confidence was broken when she became trapped, forcing police and firefighters to come and cut her free.

Netizens weighed in on the incident, of course, with many hoping that the girl, and others like her, learn not to "blindly follow Internet fads."

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