Food delivery man leads the way for lost ambulance

A food courier in east China led the way for a lost ambulance, before continuing on his job picking up an order for delivery.

If your food delivery arrives late, please don't be too anxious — maybe the courier is doing something more important.

A doctor from Wenzhou Emergency Medical Center in Zhejiang Province posted a video online recently showing a food delivery man leading the way for an ambulance, receiving numerous thumbs-up from netizens, according to Knews.

The doctor, Shang Chaofan, said when their ambulance came to an area featuring complex small alleys, the driver failed to find the way and asked a food delivery man for help.

The courier, Lu Hucheng, who was waiting to pick up an order for delivery and knew the area well, offered to lead the way for them.

When the ambulance arrived at the rescue scene, Lu left without saying anything and went straight back to work. Luckily, he finished the order just in time.

"I didn't think too much that day — a human life is of greater value than everything else," Lu said. "Even if I delivered the food late, at worst I compensate the customer."

Chinese netizens praised him highly for his kind and positive energy, with one commenting, "Good job! Ordinary people can be heroes, too." 

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