Ying Tianyi

Opinion Writer
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Is 'WeChat parenting' drowning busy teachers?

The beginning of September marked children's return to school, and the revival of parent-teacher WeChat groups that had lain dormant during the summer vacation.

Bonded zone to build new platforms for certain industries

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone is building professional trading platforms for industries covering culture, intelligent manufacturing, medical facilities, cars and cosmetics.
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Cut pay for showbiz celebrities

iQIYI, Youku and Tencent teamed up with six movie and television production companies in issuing a joint statement on curbing sky-high remuneration for actors and actresses.
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Help employees let off steam

Eastday.com , a local web portal, recently reported about an exhibition in Shanghai with the theme of helping employees relieve stress.
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Overseas study tour turns into a vanity fair

Parents post photos of their children at overseas locations in WeChat, in a way to flaunt their wealth, to avoid becoming the target of subtle or not-so-subtle contempt.
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Ethnic Chinese from abroad ask: Who am I?

Chinese culture, customs and ways of thinking will inevitably leave an indelible mark on these children as many of them spend their formative years in the country.
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Nationwide crackdown on nuisance calls

The media reported in late July that national authorities will start a crackdown on nuisance calls through December 2019.
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Uproar as children barred from library

The Southern Metropolis Daily reported recently that children under 14 were banned from a university town library in Shenzhen.
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Shared homes upset neighborhood

Residents in a neighborhood in China's southwestern Chongqing Municipality recently protested the presence of more than 300 short-term rentals in their midst.