IBLAC stands for International Business Leaders’ Advisory Council. The IBLAC forum was initiated in 1989 by then Shanghai Mayor Zhu Rongji, who later became China’s premier. It has grown into an international think-tank for Shanghai mayors. Starting with 12 members from seven countries, its membership has since expanded to nearly 50 from 16 nations.

Ying: 'Great' not good enough for business

The annual meeting of the International Business Leaders' Advisory Council opens in Shanghai on Sunday.

Express line to link city's airports

Construction will start on a connection between Shanghai's Hongqiao and Pudong airports by the end of the year, mayor tells press conference.

Concert to mark 30th anniversary of IBLAC

A concert is held at the Shanghai Symphony Hall on Saturday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the International Business Leaders' Advisory Council for the Mayor of Shanghai.

From new ideas to new influence

The future of Shanghai will be about extending out the city's influence across the Belt and Road, and beyond.

Embracing trade services, trade finance revolution

Shanghai would seem a natural trade hub for the massive project of Belt and Road Initiative launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013.

A world city for innovation and entrepreneurship

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's economic reform and looking back over the last four decades, China's transformation has been nothing short of remarkable.

Building an Asian medical hub to bolster the Shanghai Brand

Launching the Shanghai Brand as a symbol of the city's dynamics and appeal offers a clear framework for the city's twin goals: reform and opening up, and high-quality development.

Facilitating development of the Belt and Road Initiative

As mainland China's financial center, Shanghai is uniquely positioned to play an important role in attracting additional funding from international sources. 

Shanghai's Greatest Opportunity: the Belt and Road Initiative

Shanghai has always been a forerunner in the opening-up of China and has made substantial progress in establishing itself as an international investment and trade center.

Regional cohesion for Shanghai's Belt and Road contribution

As China casts open its doors even wider to the world, Shanghai stands on the threshold, welcoming more productive engagement globally.