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Being gay is okay, despite Sina Weibo's assertions otherwise

I admit to feeling a bit upset when Sina Weibo equated homosexuality with pornography and bloody violence recently.
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Is it time to make Shanghai more pedestrian-friendly?

I've written a few columns before about my traffic frustrations in Shanghai, often placing much of the blame on pedestrians. I might have been wrong.
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Buckle up and enjoy the ride as Shanghai rockets into the future

As far as development goes, you really can't get any quicker than the kind China, and Shanghai in particular, have experienced over the past few decades, and it's not over yet!
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Jaywalkers to be punished, but what about those blasted drivers?

We all know traffic problems abound in Shanghai, much the same as any metropolis, but are measures to punish jaywalkers only tackling part of the problem?
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When will Hong Kong catch up with the rest of China in e-commerce space?

E-commerce is slowly growing in popularity in Hong Kong but for the time being, the mainland is still leaps and bounds ahead of the curve.

Shanghai's 2035 master plan: the cartoon explanation

Andy Boreham is back to explain some of the main aspects of the plan, which centers around the city becoming a city of innovation, humanism, and ecology, with a global influence.
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Escape from PC madness in the West: a reason why I love living in China

It's nothing new to anyone from the West that the influence of PC (politically correct) thinking has hit an all-time high. But do we need that PC attitude to influence China?

Spring Festival traditions: Live on Facebook and Twitter

Shanghai Daily's Iverson Zhang and Andy Boreham will broadcast live on Facebook and Twitter as a Shanghai nana teaches them some Spring Festival traditions.

Shanghai Daily staff take part in the 'world's biggest human migration'

Like every single company in China, many Shanghai Daily staff will take part in the "world's biggest human migration," and this time you can follow their journeys all the way.
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Shanghai sans fireworks – where has all the renao gone?

Traditional celebrations for Spring Festival would normally center around family, food, red envelopes and fireworks. But for the past few years, something has been missing.