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A welcoming city, but do big companies care about expats?

Shanghai is the most welcoming city for foreign expats. But there are some niggling issues that companies keep falling into which unnecessarily make our lives a bit difficult. 
Foreign views

Skincare, transforming glasses and ice cream as the expo winds up

Andy's Expo Adventures winds up as China's first import expo comes to a close.

Taking to the skies in the 787 Dreamliner

One of Boeing's catchphrases for the 787 Dreamliner is "helping aviation dreams take flight," and that's exactly what happened for me on Friday.

Time to make amends with the robots

I did enjoy my day mixing and mingling with some of the robots on show at the import expo.I'm still not sure if they're ready just yet to steal my job, but they're well on the way.

Blade Runner, The Jetsons and Back to the Future all had one thing in common …

Any time we're asked to imagine the future, with all its endless possibilities, there's one thing most of us seem to gravitate to: flying cars.

The smallest, the biggest and the most expensive on show

We scoured the eight halls for the tiniest, largest and most expensive items on display here at the China International Import Expo yesterday.

I, robot, expo

In episode two of Andy's Expo Adventure, Andy throws down the gauntlet on some of the robots parading around the import expo's media center. Who will be the ultimate victor?

Expo media center won't be taken over by robots

More than 4,000 media professionals from 630 outlets and 75 countries and regions have converged on first China International Import Expo.

Before the doors open: a sneak peek at import expo preparations

In the first episode of Andy's Expo Adventure, Andy Boreham takes us on a sneak peek tour as exhibitors prepare for the first ever China International Import Expo.
Foreign views

Changing perceptions of China at home is key to improving healthy trade relations

The world's first ever import-based expo is well underway, but it's not just the deals and relationships built in Shanghai this week that matter ...