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Demand for AI talent in China triples in Q3

Hiring of AI talent surges 179% over past 7 quarters

The demand for artificial intelligence experts by companies in China has nearly tripled in the third quarter this year from the first quarter last year, recruitment portal said in a report today.  

The recruitment of AI talent soared 179 percent over the past seven quarters as China’s AI development took off, the report said based on recruitment advertisement posted on the website.

China's State Council, or Cabinet, aims to develop a core AI market worth over 150 billion yuan (US$22.66 billion) by 2020, which has encouraged founding of start-ups as well as investment in technology by large companies, said.

Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen led the demand for AI talent, and a third of such professionals earn between 10,001 yuan ando 15,000 yuan per month.

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