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IoT used in smart city including trash sorting

Zhu Shenshen
A government-backed startup is using high-tech to maker sorting garbage more efficient.
Zhu Shenshen

New technologies such as the Internet-of-Things and artificial intelligence are being used in sorting garbage, such as sensors to classify trash and facial recognition on community management, a local startup said on Friday.

It’s a long-term "smart city" project in Shanghai and nationwide, which includes 10 million sensors and deals with millions of volumes of data. In the initial stage, IoT systems are deployed in Jing’an District with sensors and monitors.

They cover over 50 sectors including garbage sorting, fire alarm security, elevator status tracking, food security and road condition reporting, said Chen Gang, vice president of IOTSH, a government-backed startup.

IOTSH’s trash sorting system has features such as bin capacity detecting, temperature control, solar energy and facial recognition.

Its features and automation are expected to improve efficiency of trash sorting this year, one of the most important urban management systems in Shanghai.

China Telecom also displayed a smart garbage classification and recycling system, which can automatically define the kind of garbage and calculate the value of it. The system has already been adopted in some communities in Jing’an District, said the carrier.

Shanghai’s intelligent lifestyle is based on a huge volume of data and how to use it. The new technologies can help us integrate information, devices and people, said the Shanghai Economy and Information Technology Commission.

In the long term, IOTSH’s system will cover the whole city and 100 other cities nationwide, Chen added.

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