Zhu Shenshen

Business Reporter

Confused about 5G? It's time to dispel the fog

State-of-the-art 5G was hailed as the "next big thing" and a "game changer" for years. Now it's going from buzz words to reality.

New alliance to push for more accessible online services

Shanghai will establish an alliance to make Internet services more accessible to aged and disabled people, the first of its kind nationwide.

Minhang plays a key role as science and innovation center

The District presents awards to 163 firms, including multinationals, for their contributions to its development. 

AI products to record people's congress sessions

Translation and voice-to-text devices will improve efficiency at the city legislature's annual meeting which opens this weekend.

Ctrip and iQiyi in premium services partnership

Paid members of the new program can access premium services on the online video and travel platforms.

Huawei debuts world's first 5G core chip

Chinese equipment maker takes key step to push development of 5G around the globe. 

Rivals position themselves to challenge WeChat

Can the killers really deal a serious blow to the nation's most popular social media site? That remains to be seen.

Mobile carriers plan to spend big on 5G

But services will only be available to businesses at first.

Shanghai AI firm taps into global market

CC Intelligence sees strong growth and will spend big on R&D.

ByteDance in deal with Smartisan

Both companies are out to take on market king WeChat.