Chen Xian

Feature Reporter

A catalyst in oiling wheels of industry

Meishan is proving to be a catalyst in oiling the wheels of industry in the long-term Belt and Road Initiative.

Premier port offers gateway to global trade

Ningbo Zhoushan Port, the world's busiest harbor in terms of cargo tonnage, is boosting its business with a global layout based on the Belt and Road Initiative

A spiritual journey up Xuedou Mountain

When New Year arrives, Chinese people generally climb mountains as a traditional and relaxing activity for blessings and good health. 
Art & Culture

A soothing harbor for spiritual nourishment

Book lovers can find numerous reading places in Ningbo, both ancient and modern, to provide soothing harbors for the soul to take a rest and derive spiritual nourishment.
Art & Culture

Hitting the right note to enrich citizens' lives

Yu Feng, president of the Central Conservatory of Music and also a native of Ningbo, helped his hometown found the first professional symphony orchestra two years ago.
Art & Culture

Ancient culture thriving in Ningbo's temples and opera stages

The unique heritage of Ninghai County's ancient Buddhist and operatic cultures is thriving as modern generations recognize the historic value of structures

'Smart clothing' industry takes on the world

Ningbo, China's biggest clothing manufacturing center, is developing the industry through everything from bespoke clothing to smart technology and the Internet.
Art & Culture

Ningbo style blends tradition and innovation

The architectural panorama of modern Ningbo is a combination of tradition and innovation as the city pays due respect to its long cultural heritage history.

A platform to develop technology and talent

Ningbo’s talent recruitment project “3315 Plan” has made great achievement in the past years.
Art & Culture

Artisans work magic of restoration

A group of uniquely experienced but aging local artisans have been devoting their later years to the tasks of restoring ancient buildings in Ningbo’s Ninghai County.