What's on in Songjiang District in March

Yang Yang
Artists' orchid painting are on display at Chenshan Botanical Garden and visitors can pick their own pears at Cangqiao Crystal Pear Base. 
Yang Yang

Artists’ Orchids on Display

The 2021 Shanghai International Natural Science Illustration Exhibition started its first leg of the itinerant show at Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang on March 3. The exhibition will be ongoing for one month. Sixty delicate scientific illustrations of orchids by Belgian artist Elisa Klopfenstein and 50 nature journals and paintings by UK, German and Chinese artists are on display. Exhibition is free, but there’s a charge for entry to the botanical garden.

Date: Through April 3

Tickets: Free (entry to the garden is 60 yuan each)

Venue: Chenshan Botanical Garden

Address: 3888 Chenhua Highway


Pick Your Own Pears

The annual pear tree adoption event was launched at Cangqiao Crystal Pear Base in Songjiang District recently. After adopting a pear tree and registering for membership of the crystal pear base, visitors can come and observe the pear flowers blossom or pick the fruit with family members or friends. Visitors can take their children to the base to experience farm work, including loosening soil, applying fertilizer and protecting seedlings with plastic bags. They can harvest about 100 pears from each tree adopted, and visiting the pear cultural museum at the base is also free throughout the year. Cangqiao crystal pears are a special agricultural product in Songjiang that have been planted for more than 60 years.

Tree adoption duration: One or three years (Contracts can be renewed)

Registration deadline: Through July 20

How to register: On-site registration or by phone

Phone: 4006-198-618

Address: At the crossing of Matou Road and Fuyong Road, Songjiang District


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