What's on in Songjiang District in summer

Yang Yang
Residents and tourists can watch interactive art exhibition, visit lotus park or guqin museum, and appreciate Chedun silkscreen block prints in Songjiang this summer.
Yang Yang

Midnight Billions of Years Ago

"Infectious Light," an interactive art exhibition that combines flower and plant devices and immersive light graffiti, is on display at Songjiang's G60 Rafael Sky City. The exhibition, divided into eight sections, features an imagined midnight environment on earth 4.6 billion years ago. Digital art is used to simulate a forest, sea, starlit sky and bamboo grove. The 1,000-square-meter fantasy of light and shadow will guide visitors to a wonderland of nature and modern technology.

What's on in Songjiang District in summer
Ti Gong

The "Infectious Light" interactive art exhibition

Dates: Through October 8

Tickets: 58 yuan (US$9) on weekdays and 89 yuan on weekends

Venue: L204, G60 Rafael Sky City

Address: 288 Lane Qianfan Road, Songjiang District


The Brilliance of Lotus Flowers

The annual Songjiang Lotus Festival was recently unveiled at Xinbang Lotus Park. Each summer, the lotus pond thronged with lotus flowers and leaves is a brilliant sight. The park contains three sections: the lotus pond, water lily pond and bonsai area. The park has more than 1,000 categories of lotus and water lilies, and is a leading lotus planting base in east China.

What's on in Songjiang District in summer
Ti Gong

Lotus flower

Dates: Through August 18

Tickets: 30 yuan

Venue: Xinbang Lotus Park

Address: At the intersection of Hucao and Yuanhu Roads, Songjiang District


Guqin's Ancient Mystique

A guqin culture and art museum opened to the public in the Xiatang Historic Zone of Sijing Town in Songjiang District. Wu Mingtao, a fourth-generation successor of the art's Wu School, paid a visit to the venue during its opening ceremony with a Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) guqin, an ancient seven-string Chinese instrument. "It's a risk to move an ancient and delicate guqin from my hometown of Suzhou to here, but I'm willing to take this risk and play the instrument to celebrate the opening of the venue," Wu said. Renovated from a Jiang Family Old Residence, the venue will focus on guqin culture promotion and teaching.

What's on in Songjiang District in summer

"Song Feng Ting Yin" Guqin Culture and Art Museum

Dates: Throughout the year

Tickets: Free

Venue: "Song Feng Ting Yin" Guqin Culture and Art Museum

Address: Jiang Family Old Residence, 171, 173, 179 Xiatang Street, Songjiang District


Celebration of Chinese Culture

An art exhibition featuring more than 50 silkscreen block prints, Shanghai-style paper cutting and traditional Chinese paintings is ongoing at the Chendun Culture Center in the suburban district's Chedun Town. The exhibition is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The artworks focus on the Chinese dream, key revolutionary events, traditional culture, patriotism, Shanghai culture and key socialist moral values.

What's on in Songjiang District in summer
Ti Gong

A silkscreen block print

Dates: Through September 30

Tickets: Free

Venue: Chedun Culture Center

Address: No. 1 Building, Lane 28, Yingshi Road


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