Locally made robots disinfect hospitals in Wuhan

Li Qian
About 300 TMiRob's robots are in use in about 130 hospitals across the country, including 40 in Wuhan hospitals.
Li Qian
Locally made robots disinfect hospitals in Wuhan
Ti Gong

A robot works in an operating theater in Wuhan Union Hospital.

Locally developed robots are now working in six hospitals in Wuhan, assisting in control of the coronavirus outbreak.

TMiRob, a robot maker based in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, has recently sent 10 new robots to Wuhan, increasing the total number to more than 40.

Disinfecting robots move freely around wards, theaters and labs, disinfecting the air and equipment with UV light, hydrogen peroxide mist and plasma air purifiers. 

Ward robots measure body temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs of patients, and deliver medicine to their bedsides. Doctors and nurses can watch what’s going on in the wards through the robots' cameras and have video calls with patients.

The company faces some challenges in getting more robots to Wuhan as all public transport has closed down and logistics companies are off work during the Spring Festival. Those who are still at work are reluctant to deliver to Wuhan.

Now, about 300 TMiRob's products are in use in about 130 hospitals across the country, including 30 in Shanghai hospitals.

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