Hunan, Yunnan report first case of coronavirus

Both are now in stable condition.

China's provinces of Yunnan and Hunan both reported their first case of the new coronavirus, the National Health Commission said in a statement released around midnight Wednesday.

Yunnan's first confirmed case was a 51-year-old man, a native of central China's Wuhan City — the epicenter of the outbreak of the new coronavirus. He developed a fever and was feeling weak when he arrived in Yunnan's Kunming City from Wuhan on January 15. She went to a local hospital on the next day and was put into isolation later.

She was confirmed as a coronavirus case after expert evaluation on Tuesday and is now in stable condition after treatment.

The first coronavirus case in the central province of Hunan was a 57-year-old woman surnamed Luo, who came to Changsha, Hunan's capital, to visit her relatives and later developed a fever and started to cough. She was put in isolation for treatment at a designated hospital on January 16. She is now in stable condition.

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