Chengdu AG Chaowanhui rallies to clinch gold at eSports tournament

Wu Huixin
Chengdu AG Chaowanhui clinches the gold medal at the "Exciting Hangzhou" Esports National Tournament with Dongguan WZ and Nanjing Hero Jiujing finishing close behind.
Wu Huixin

Chengdu AG Chaowanhui won the first gold medal of the "Exciting Hangzhou" eSports National Tournament in the popular Chinese mobile game Honor of Kings on Sunday.

Nanjing Hero Jiujing and Dongguan WZ claimed the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Chengdu AG displayed typical grit by bouncing back from 0-2 down, initiating a counterattack to tie the game, and eventually winning 3-2, bringing the competition to a dramatic conclusion.

"We were initially behind in the contest, but we eventually took the lead and held on to win," said Xie Tao, Chengdu AG Chaowanhui's coach.

Xie said that the entire team maintained composure during the competition and effectively communicated its tactics and strategies.

"The eSports calls for both teamwork and individual endeavor. I hope the sportsmanship will inspire more young people."

The competition attracted around 1,700 people. As Chengdu AG Chaowanhui stood atop the podium while the national anthem played, the Hangzhou Esports Center resounded with the audience's applause.

Chengdu AG Chaowanhui rallies to clinch gold at eSports tournament
Ti Gong

Gold medalist Chengdu AG Chaowanhui stands atop the podium while the national anthem is being played.

By June 4, the tournament will produce medals for DOTA, Street Fighter 5, League of Legends, FIFA Online, Game for Peace and Three Kingdoms competitions.

The Hangzhou Esports Center has been designated as the venue for eSports competitions during the Asian Games in Hangzhou that will be held between September 23 and October 8. The Games will utilize the same personnel and technology as the national championship.

Feng Jing, director of the operation team at Hangzhou Esports Center, said that the tournament helped organizers gain more experience for the coming Asian Games.

"We welcome feedback and recommendations from the audience, competition teams and technical officers," Feng said.

The operation crew comprises 118 individuals, including technicians, security personnel and logistical support personnel. They are responsible for the network, media equipment, and light and sound effects.

"Different from other sports, eSports competitions should provide an immersive audio-visual experience to the audience," said Xing Xiaosi, another director of the operation team. "Our experience has been greatly enhanced, but there is still room for growth.

"The tournament enables staff members to acquire valuable experience in handling unforeseen situations and operating competitions. This strengthens the likelihood of the upcoming Asian Games."

The center is equipped with 15 different types of screens, covering 567 square meters. Two high-definition holographic displays provide a 360-degree experience for the audience.

Visual effects also matter in eSports games. The venue is equipped with 192 dimmable lights that can create a scintillating atmosphere as the game progresses.

Chengdu AG Chaowanhui rallies to clinch gold at eSports tournament
Ti Gong

The Hangzhou Esports Center has been selected as the official venue for esports competitions during the 19th Asian Games, which are set to be held from September 23 to October 8.

The center is constructed from UHPC (ultra-high-performance concrete) and GRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum) in an effort to maximize the acoustic effects. These two materials can withstand greater compression than other materials, making them ideal for use in electronic games.

ESports made its official debut at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and will earn an Olympic Games berth at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. The industry has already penetrated the world of competitive video games. The genre is gaining popularity in China, and even government officials are praising its merits. Last year, the eSports market in China generated 144.5 billion yuan (US$21.25 billion) with over 488 million users.

Hangzhou established an eSports town in 2018 to attract game companies, gadget vendors and new participants from online broadcasting platforms, professional eSports event organizers, mobile chip and device manufacturers, and sporting organizations.

Boosting eSports is part of a grand scheme to expand Hangzhou's cultural base. In recent years, Hangzhou has attracted many clubs and businesses, such as LGD, Chushou, Allied Esports and Huxing Cultural Media.

The city is attempting to establish an ideal business environment for the eSports industry. In order to attract investment, talent and businesses, the government announced a favorable policy for all aspects of the industry in November 2022. The combined revenue of the city's eSports and animation industries is expected to reach 60 billion yuan by 2025.

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