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Wu Huixin

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New government policies provide boost to development of the electronic chip industry

Hangzhou government launched a series of preferential policies and a nanoelectronics' research platform to boost development of the integrated circuit industry.

Hangzhou at the creative cutting edge

Blueprint unveiled by the provincial government heralds a new chapter in the development of Zhejiang's cultural and creative industries
Art & Culture

Rejuvenated museum offers a cutting-edge insight into Liangzhu's ancient civilization

Visitors from all over China have swarmed to the Liangzhu Museum, after it reopened last week, to absorb a fascinating insight into 5,000 years of ancient civilization.
Art & Culture

Artists' seal of approval to ink-wash and calligraphy

An ongoing exhibition tracing the historical art of seal-carving, ink-wash painting and calligraphy is open to the public in the Wulin venue of Zhejiang Museum through August 5.
Art & Culture

Celebrating the ancient art of wood carving

Zhejiang Museum is hosting a series of exhibitions to promote the public's awareness of protecting traditional craftsmanship.

Hangzhou district celebrates community spirit

The city's Jianggan District International Community and Neighbor Cultural event is a week of fun activities and a time to honor selfless residents and organizations.

Hangzhou's historic buildings preserve an ancestral sense of time and place

Shanghai Daily sent a roving reporter down to have a look around the Hangzhou's majestic city and picked out a couple of rejuvenated structures with historical and cultural value.

Zhejiang rockets up the tourism charts

More venues have been awarded 4A status. We take a look at some of the best.
Art & Culture

New exhibition unveils the mysterious veil of Tibet and reveals its secrets

The mysterious veil of Tibet has been unfolded among dozens of fascinating and priceless artefacts in a new exhibition at West Lake Gallery.
Art & Culture

Exhibition explores legacy of Mongol Empire

An awe-inspiring exhibition exploring the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan and rich Mongolian culture and customs is now open to the public.