Wu Huixin

Feature Reporter
Art & Culture

Reviving the golden age of Korean brocade

The  China National Silk Museum is hosting an exhibition of more that 150 pieces of traditional Korean attire until June 6.

Hungry? Come for a taste tour of the world

Take a taste trip around the world at Hangzhou's food festival.
Art & Culture

Festival turns cartoons into big money

Sales worth 2.52 billion yuan (US$372 million) were inked during China's 15th International Cartoon and Animation Festival.
Art & Culture

May 4th Movement centenary celebrated

Author Lu Xun and educator Cai Yuanpei were just two of the Zhejiang natives who made major contributions to a historic movement which swept China a century ago.

One-visit service centers cut red tape

Sharing data between official departments offers convenience for Hangzhou's citizens while cutting costs.
Art & Culture

Fashion is transient, but identity is timeless

The relationship between old and modern eras is shown through ethnic attire in an exhibition at the China Craft and Art Museum. 
Art & Culture

Tang's remarkable focus on canal life

Tang Desheng began to capture images of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal during his army career, building up a precious resource from which people can learn about the past.
Art & Culture

Exhibition highlights China's rich sculpture heritage

A rich display of colorful, creative and refined pieces are now on view as the China Craft and Art Museum showcases carving traditions from across the country.

Disabled youngsters win respect, dignity with hard work

A car wash and grocery is helping young people at the Wanwan organization with intellectual and developmental disabilities adapt to normal life.

Opening a new page on Jianggan's urban economic development

Jianggan District hosted a City Development Summit Forum last week, opening a new page in urban construction in economic development.