Wu Huixin

Feature Reporter

Zhejiang rockets up the tourism charts

More venues have been awarded 4A status. We take a look at some of the best.
Art & Culture

New exhibition unveils the mysterious veil of Tibet and reveals its secrets

The mysterious veil of Tibet has been unfolded among dozens of fascinating and priceless artefacts in a new exhibition at West Lake Gallery.
Art & Culture

Exhibition explores legacy of Mongol Empire

An awe-inspiring exhibition exploring the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan and rich Mongolian culture and customs is now open to the public.

Spring Festival reliving ancient customs and bridging a generation gap

Zhejiang locals celebrate the Chinese New Year through a series of multifarious ceremonies and costumes.

Xiaoshan, a new calling card to the world of sport, business and leisure

Xiaoshan District has become an important MICE destination in the Yangtze Delta region, thanks to enriched tourist resources, surrounding parks, hotels, and government support.

Capturing the best of beauty and nature at an active retreat

Thousand Islands Lake, located in Chun'an County in the southwest part of Hangzhou, is a dream haven for those who love to go fishing, hiking and cycling.
Art & Culture

Ancient Buddhist artifacts reveal impact on Chinese religious civilization

An exhibition displaying ancient religious artifacts, from the glory days of the Tang Dynasty and Buddhism, is on show at the Gushan Pavilion of Zhejiang Museum through March 9.

Laba Festival preserving ancient customs and proving comfort

The Laba Festival is always a big day for Hangzhou residents. It is at this time of year the Buddhist temples take it upon themselves to hand out free laba congee to those in need.

Tsunami of color to flood Plum Blossom Festival

The Tenth Mt Chao Plum Blossom Festival has been described as a 'fragrant white ocean' by one artist and it's hard to disagree.

Residents going up in the world thanks to government elevator initiative

Hangzhou residents recently got a lift when the government gave the go-ahead on a project to install elevators in a number of multi-floor residential buildings.