Wu Huixin

Feature Reporter

'Online Police' platform a hi-tech success

Last year Binjiang District Police Bureau launched an "Online Police" program based on hi-tech technology to help crack down on criminals and search for missing persons.
Art & Culture

A million opportunities at West Lake Expo

The 20th West Lake International Expo wrapped up on November 11 after welcoming well over a million visitors and attracting 10.1 billion yuan worth of trade.

Master craftsman of the stove paintings

Zhang Jinshou, 82, used to be the busiest person in the village building zaotou, or lime kitchen stoves, but he fears that his craft is a dying art in the modern age.

Art & Culture

Rare millennia-old Longquan celadon goes on show

An exhibition of precious millennia-old celadon is currently on display at Longquan Celadon Museum.
Art & Culture

Protecting Qiantang River's cultural heritage

Government officials from the world-famous cities nestled along rivers, including Paris in France, Budapest in Hungary and Sao Paulo in Brazil, gathered and delivered speeches

Village cultural halls set to revive heritage

The demand for cultural activities in vast rural areas has seen the government and communities come together and initiate the construction of several venues.


Every drop counts

The Hilton Hotel group promises to cut down at least 50 percent of water usage by 2030 through every facet of its daily operation. 
Art & Culture

Magnificent spectacle of dowry culture in Ningbo

Ningbo could epitomize dowry culture by virtue of the so-called "Shi Li Hong Zhuang (十里红妆)," which literally means the procession carrying dowries might stretch for 10 li.


Conference attracts top talent to Hangzhou

Professionals from home and abroad are offered preferential policies to persuade them to plan their future in the capital of Zhejiang Province.

Hangzhou still China's No. 1 fashionistas

The world of conspicuous glamor strutted down the catwalk as cameras flashed from the sidelines at Wulin Square last Thursday.