Wu Huixin

Feature Reporter

One-visit service centers cut red tapes

The one-time-visit service centers speeding up residents dealing with administrative tasks that were normally handled by several governmental departments in the past.
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Saving the city's history

Another 30 buildings have been added to Hangzhou's protected list, bringing the total number to more than 330.
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'Hidden' Luo Mansion now a model for reviving history

The Qing Dynasty building has been restored and has become a popular activity space for the community.

Selling Hangzhou to China and the world

The West Lake International Expo, which begins on October 20, will showcase the city as part of its internationalization strategy.
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Embroiders with a golden touch

A Ningbo intangible heritage embroidery dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty but is still thriving today
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Culture, creativity from China and the world

The 12th Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo brought together the traditional with the high-tech and futuristic.
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The scholar's 'four jewels' and why they still matter

A new exhibition gives an insight into the lifestyle of scholars of the Song and Ming dynasties and their four jewels – the inkstone, writing brush, ink and paper.
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An insight into the legacy of Wu Changshuo

Wu Changshuo was a leading artist of his time, which included the roaring days of early 20th century Shanghai. A new exhibition celebrates his seals, paintings and calligraphy.

Festival celebrates the qipao

A host of activities is underway as part of Hanghzhou's "F-plan" to attract more tourists.
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Waterway that helped villages and towns bond

The Jiaxing section of the Grand Canal flows for 111 kilometers and links Zhejiang's mother river with one of China's largest lakes