Ni Tao

Chief Opinion Writer
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A Zed and 3Vs – Zhangjiang's tech-tomorrowland

Zhangjiang is where the utterly amazing is happening on China's tech scene.
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Will CIIE be the biggest classroom in China?

Many great innovations begin as a form of imitation or even blatant copying. China has come a long way since the days of cheap knockoffs. 
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For foreign firms, a rose by any name may not smell as sweet

If the CIIE is the success everyone expects, an influx of new foreign brands will stream into China and the issue will loom large in boardrooms around the world.
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A scientist who not only sees the wood and the trees, but the light

Most exciting new developments in the modern world occur at the boundary between disciplines, between chemistry and physics, or between chemistry and biology.

Allow young scientists to participate in all activities

Steven Chu, Nobel laureate in physics and ex-US Secretary of Energy (2009-2013), has advised Shanghai to combine its basic and high-tech research prowess.

Forget drones. Undersea robots are next big breakthrough

Commercial drones have shown that the sky is no longer the limit. Among the many candidates with the potential of repeating the success of drones are underwater robots.

Top scientists from home and abroad to converge at Shanghai forum

Thirty-seven top scientists from around the world, including 26 Nobel laureates, will discuss the development of scientific and technological innovation in Shanghai.
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Complementary bay areas to work together

These two bay areas are similar in size, population and GDP. Instead of competing with each other, they should cooperate.
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Culture is next frontier in building Chinese brands

Brands like Huawei or Xiaomi are now globally recognized, but the rise of "Made in China" is just not manifest in the ranking of brands.
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Confidence, expectations grow for the Belt and Road Initiative

The anger that seems to be brooding, or even boiling over, on the part of those bruised by globalization, originates in an uneven distribution of the gains.