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90 years later, journal that helped bolster spirits in the revolution remains a beacon

In the journal's inaugural issue, it was set out clearly that "Bolshevik" would become a bulwark against pernicious bourgeoisie, imperialist and warlordist influences...
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Imperfect market innovation: How Didi did it

It really bothers me why a company that is little different from real estate brokers... would have the nerve to brand itself as a champion of new mobility solutions?
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Imperfect innovation: How Didi did it

The Ministry of Transport recently blasted some online ride-sharing platforms for failing to undertake the necessary social responsibility after their business has flourished.
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Zuolian: a time when leftist writers united to write, fight and die for social revolution

Shanghai was at the forefront of Chinese literary development before 1949.
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Li Bai: Heroic radio operator trapped in a 'snake pit' who died fighting to free China

Li Bai, a legendary telegrapher, is probably one of the most romanticized and iconic Communist operatives immortalized on the silver screen.
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With Internet, nothing is private any more

If the theft of personal data and so-called "personality profiling" by some apps are subtle and tolerable, occasional intrusions into privacy are simply outrageous.

Airbnb set to raise investment in China to cater to domestic travelers

"China is now the fastest-growing domestic market for Airbnb and the second-fastest growing outbound travel market after the US," Airbnb said in an exclusive interview.
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Nondescript villa played a critical role in Communist revolution and city's liberation

To work in KMT-controlled areas was to expect being stalked by danger all the time. To many secret agents, it was like walking a tightrope: one misstep would lead to a catastrophe.
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Plight of 'only children' calls for more state support in providing care for the elderly

According to national demographic reports, senior citizens above 60 years of age in China numbered 230 million in 2016, representing 16.7 percent of the total population.
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Going down to grassroots makes officials more responsive to people's basic needs

Solutions abound if we go down to the masses, and problems pile up if we only stay indoors.