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New materials key to manufacturing revival

Since the normal net profit margin of Chinese manufacturers hovers around five percent or less, a steep cut in material costs could double a factory's profits.
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Dean decries focus on alumni salary rates

This boils down to the question of whether the ideas and values he professes can enlighten those around him and society as a whole.
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Belt and Road challenges are opportunities for all

In addition to building physical infrastructure to bolster connectivity, greater efforts must be made to strengthen what called "invisible infrastructure."
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Better sorting standards needed to cut trash

Technology can help reduce the burden on garbage collectors, but to tackle the root cause of bulging landfills in our city's environs.
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West and East: Chinese business students bring best of both worlds

Another trend is that the need for lifelong learning is increasing as businesses are evolving rapidly.

Working at the car wash just got a lot better

The biggest merit of this machine is perhaps its flexibility. One need not bother queuing up as he or she is updated real time on the status of bookings.
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Economic potential of reemploying aged

With home-based care now in vogue, some states in the US are also encouraging family members to take on more of the responsibilityof caring for their elderly.
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We can't fight the rising tide of globalization

The advance of technology plays a greater part than trade, as evidenced by the fact that 85 percent of lost jobs in US manufacturing from 2000 to 2010 were eliminated by technology
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90 years later, journal that helped bolster spirits in the revolution remains a beacon

In the journal's inaugural issue, it was set out clearly that "Bolshevik" would become a bulwark against pernicious bourgeoisie, imperialist and warlordist influences...
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Imperfect market innovation: How Didi did it

It really bothers me why a company that is little different from real estate brokers... would have the nerve to brand itself as a champion of new mobility solutions?