Ni Tao

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Blockchain entrepreneur takes aim at word theft and rumor-mongering in cyberspace

Tricks such as hiring shills to inflate the number of clicks or page views proliferated. As a result, only tiny bits of advertising money are left for serious journalism.

Healing 'children of the stars' with music

Konatsu Ishiwata, a winner of this year's Magnolia Silver Award, uses the healing power of music to open the hearts and minds of autistic children in Shanghai.
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Robots to the rescue of embattled logistics sector

It may no longer be the man's job to carry things. Advocates of robotics have long predicted that human porters will one day be replaced by so-called logistics robots.
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Import expo to push for more open market

With less than 100 days from the start of the China International Import Expo, due to be held in November, China is in the midst of final preparations for this trade extravaganza.

Deadly earthquake inspires idea of robots as physical therapists

By analyzing data from existing patients and through data-mining powered by new algorithms, he said future robotic products will become more adaptive to the requirements of users.
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Innovation and branding can help Bright go farther

To build their brand in younger generations' minds, there are many things that the Bright group can do.
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Popsicle lovers happy to pay a Bright price

A bigger reason for the lasting charms of Bright's humble 'ice pop trio' lies in its reliable quality throughout the years.
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How AI will affect accountants' job security

With higher levels of IT infrastructure,a company might be compelled to trim its financial service staff,who face the choice between improving their skill set or being down and out
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New materials key to manufacturing revival

Since the normal net profit margin of Chinese manufacturers hovers around five percent or less, a steep cut in material costs could double a factory's profits.
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Dean decries focus on alumni salary rates

This boils down to the question of whether the ideas and values he professes can enlighten those around him and society as a whole.