Ni Tao

Chief Opinion Writer
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Plight of 'only children' calls for more state support in providing care for the elderly

According to national demographic reports, senior citizens above 60 years of age in China numbered 230 million in 2016, representing 16.7 percent of the total population.
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Going down to grassroots makes officials more responsive to people's basic needs

Solutions abound if we go down to the masses, and problems pile up if we only stay indoors.
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Time-honored White Rabbit candy a sign of the old and new in Shanghai's innovation

To some extent, the candy is an icon of Shanghai itself, or rather, a symbol of an enduring love affair with what Shanghai used to offer in terms of the country's best merchandise.
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The special corner of Shanghai that helped Mao form his ideas for creating a new China

When Mao left the city in December 1924, it might be safe to conjecture that the 10 months he spent in Shanghai considerably honed his capability and leadership skills.
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Better care for our children and pediatricians

The city has already made great progress in improving the situation of pediatricians as well as children's health care. Still, more efforts are needed.
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Revisiting CPC congress legacy in fostering social revolution

A few observations suffice to tell us how risky it was to be a revolutionary in times such as these, and how resourceful CPC delegates must be to outwit police and spies.

Businessman finds Shangri-la in beer

When Songtsen "Sonny" Gyalzur opened his Shangri-la Highland Craft Brewery in 2009, all he wanted was to brew a beer he liked.
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The next big thing: Mobile Internet of Things moving life into fast lane

The ownership of data that we supply to enable transactions is a gray area that awaits better legal interpretation and perhaps stricter legislation.

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Key to CPC's success? Keeping connected with the people and staying true to its roots

To some speakers, the CPC's status as the ruling party means it should hold its members to a stricter standard than the laws and regulations that ordinary citizens are subject to.

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Understanding China and the new era an ever moving feast

With a history spanning centuries, Sinology has changed profoundly over time as the academic focus of researchers shifts to adapt to new situations and realities.