Ni Tao

Chief Opinion Writer

'Two sessions' bristling with sound bites that highlight past progress and future tasks

The telling example he cited hit home to a populace who is used to media stories of deadbeats lying to fiancées about their financial status and causing marriages to go sour.

Women's role in brewing

Boundaries between women and beer are steadily coming apart thanks to a few meaningful awareness campaigns to include women in the brewing process.

Winnie Hsu brews up a storm in the beer world

Women are making waves in the craft of brewing beer, once a male-dominated industry. A tough apprenticeship in the US reaped rewards for one Taiwan native.

'Two Sessions' sheds light on free trade zone expansion

Not just an increase in area, NPC delegates say, but better to serve significant national development strategies. 

Technology might make farming attractive

Experts interpret the document's highlight of agriculture as a sign of a shifting focus from a quantitative growth model to one more focused on raising the quality of crops.

Crass and stupid ads fail to appeal

These crudely shot ads are an indication of how bad taste is still a hallmark of many ads we see today. 

Economist says short-term pain inevitable as he predicts emergence of new industries

Specific criteria ought to be set out as to how much of new bank loans should go to smaller businesses.

Tech startups eye opportunity in education market

The trend is not just one of better, more mature technologies coming to the fore; rather, they are increasingly applied to enrich the forms and content of education.

Shanghai extends support to businesses

A key message was spelled out: Shanghai will pull out all the stops to roll out new measures to create a more business-friendly environment.

How our workplaces are tuning into cutting-edge technologies

A common pet peeve of office managers is that lights, air conditioning and water dispensers are often left on in empty offices at night, amounting to enormous utility bills.