Ni Tao

Chief Opinion Writer

Parents forced to be on guard as hidden dangers lurk at corners

For those charged with keeping our city in running order, it would be great if they can go that extra mile in ensuring that our city is safe for everyone, adults or children.

Technology glosses the golden age: elderly care without the loss of dignity

Meet Ding Yong, the "costkiller" of China's elderly care industry. 

Experts reflect on 40 years of Sino-US ties

"At forty, I had no doubts."

A long battle to put 'leverage ratio' genie in bottle

At a time when the leverage ratios of major economies like the United States, European Union and Japan tend to decrease, China's macro-leverage ratio has steadily risen.

Technology in farming is no pig in a poke

Pork prices will consistently remain high when pigs fly.

Librarians have volumes of work, robots make their job easier

For book lovers, a library may the closest thing to "paradise," but for those charged with keeping it in running order, a library can be hellish. So robots may help.

Respect Mother Nature, or suffer her wrath

Many an American commentator seems to have hit the bull's eye in their search for the culprit behind the wildfires: climate change.

Artificial intelligence both a boon and a threat

AI may put jobs at risk but it has important roles to play in the medical industry and in life sciences according to top researchers.
Chinese views

A Zed and 3Vs – Zhangjiang's tech-tomorrowland

Zhangjiang is where the utterly amazing is happening on China's tech scene.
Chinese views

Will CIIE be the biggest classroom in China?

Many great innovations begin as a form of imitation or even blatant copying. China has come a long way since the days of cheap knockoffs.