Noodle restaurant owners close doors to take son to prestigious university

A restaurant owner's note to customers, telling them of his son's success and handwritten in clerical script, has gone viral. 

A handwritten note to let customers know that a rice-noodle store in Guilin, of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was closing for a few days, has gone viral on social media.

The store owner, Tang Dejin, issued the notice last week to explain why the store would close from August 20 to 24. It reads, "Dear customers, I am going to take my son to study at Tsinghua University, so the store will suspend business for five days and reopen on August 25. Please inform each other."

His outstanding son, Tang Chao, who achieved a total score of 656 points in this year's national college entrance examination and ranked 64th in Guangxi, was admitted to the prestigious university in Beijing.

The family of three was visiting the Palace Museum when the father received a media interview by phone. He said the store always has good business and even stays open on Lunar New Year's Day, but he really wanted to take his son to the university this time so he wrote the notice. 

He said he likes calligraphy, which is why he wrote it in clerical script, although he was surprised it became viral.

Chinese netizens totally understood the father's pride in his son, and expressed their congratulations.

One netizen said, "I can feel the good mood of the proud father, even separated by my computer screen."

Someone also commented, "If I were you, I would have written 'Tsinghua University' bigger to highlight it!"

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