Eagle-eyed train police save infant from human trafficking

An infant was saved from human trafficking by the inquisitive actions of an observant train police officer.

An infant was saved from a human trafficker on a train heading from Chengdu to Zhengzhou on August 18, but the crime was only discovered due to the keen eye of police on board.

When officers on the train offered to provide hot water to a woman who was holding an infant, the woman unexpectedly refused.

About half an hour later the chief policeman onboard, Liu Ruiguo, discovered that the woman poured milk powder into cold water to feed the baby. This small oversight led him to suspect that the baby she was carrying was not her own.

When questioned by police, the woman said she had five children and the one-month-old infant was the youngest, and that she was going to take the baby to see her husband who was now working in Anhui.

However, her husband told Liu in a phone call that they had only three children and that he is now in Guangdong.

The woman then had to confess that she bought the infant from a third party and was preparing to take the baby to sell in Shandong.

A DNA test proved the woman was not the infant's mother.

The infant, who was born less than 10 days prior and had its umbilical cord cut just before boarding the train, is being taken care of in a Zhengzhou welfare house while further investigation takes place.

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