Car driver throws umbrella at policeman on duty during heavy rain

A car driver threw an umbrella towards a policeman during heavy rains and in morning peak hour in Wuhu city, Anhui Province.

A car driver threw an umbrella at a policeman who was on duty in heavy rain in Wuhu city, Anhui Province, on October 11.

The incident was recorded on surveillance camera.

The driver of a red car threw the umbrella from the right window at the traffic policeman when he was about to turn left at the intersection of East Beijing and Wenhua roads. 

The driver pulled away after throwing the umbrella, and the policeman picked it up.

The driver Wang Zhaohua said it was no big deal when contacted by on October 12. He said he was proud of the city’s traffic police.

Zhai Yujia, the auxiliary traffic police officer in the video, said he was astonished at first but was touched by the act. He said the car had already gone far when he picked up the umbrella.

Sadly, however, he was not allowed to hold an umbrella while on duty.

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