Han Jing

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Rescue worker's father dies in bus plunge

Tragic news at scene of fatal accident when sister calls deputy chief of the rescue operation to say their father had been on board.

Bus driver takes penniless students back to their destination

A bus driver in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong Province, voluntarily drove two penniless junior school students to their school for free on October 27.

Granny assists foreigner stumped by QR code

An old woman helped a foreigner purchase a ticket by scanning a QR code with his cell phone in Jiaxing of east China's Zhejiang Province, thepaper.cn reported.

Rail passengers warned about well-to-do beggar

A video of a station's broadcast telling people not to be fooled into giving an elderly woman money goes viral.

Former CCTV anchorman Li Yong dies of cancer at 50

Li Yong, a famous former anchorman at China's CCTV, died at 5:20am on October 25 after a 17-month-long battle with cancer in the United States.

Policemen school live streamer found walking on expressway

Two traffic policemen highlighted traffic laws in a live video when they caught a man livestreaming on an expressway in Urumqi.

Off duty policeman catches fugitive

A policeman from Zhenjiang in east China's Jiangsu Province caught a fugitive while off duty on October 20, thepaper.cn reported.

Expressway wedding pictures shock

Traffic police in east China say photographer was even lying on the ground in the emergency lane to focus on couple

School canteen ordered to suspend services

Authorities find moldy tomatoes and expired products at private school in the Pudong New Area

Former broker of Wang Baoqiang sentenced to 6 years' prison

Song Zhe, former broker of actor Wang Baoqiang, has been sentenced to six years in prison in Beijing on Thursday for the crime of duty encroachment.