Han Jing

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The lonliest school in China: 2 teachers, and one lonely student

Although there is only one student at the school, Wang never misses a single class on Chinese, mathematics, English or early-morning individual study.

He's not heavy, he's my son

A 50-year-old mother and widow carries her teenage son on her back up stairs to his classroom everyday.

Chinese man rebukes an expat breaching smoking ban inside subway car

An expat smoking inside a subway carriage in Beijing triggered an angry confrontation with other passengers, who snatched his cigarette and reported him to Metro staff.

18 green lights a lifeline for pregnant woman

Traffic police in southwest China's Sichuan Province turned 18 traffic lights green to make way for a pregnant woman suffering internal bleeding on February 20.

Strangers help collect 193,000 yuan in missing cash

Passers-by in Pizhou city of Jiangsu Province helped collect 193,000 yuan (US$30,342) in missing cash and return it to its owner within about 50 minutes.

Patrol policeman saves dinner for homeless old woman

A photo of a patrol officer in Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, giving his box of dishes to a homeless old woman has gone viral among netizens.

Firemen perform daring rescue of woman threatening suicide

Firemen in Shanghai performed a daring rescue to save a woman threatening suicide while perched on a seventh-floor window ledge. 

Man cycles five bus stops to return missing bag to its owner

A young man rode his electric mobile for five bus stops in order to catch an old man who lost his bag by road in Zhengzhou City of central China's Henan Province

Drunk man falls out of car, wife doesn't realize

A woman didn't realize her drunk husband had opened the back door of their car and fallen onto the road until she'd driven a few hundred meters.

Man uses car and rope to walk sick horse

A man used his car to walk a horse, with a rope tied to the boot and hazard lights on, in a non-motorized vehicle lane in Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province on February 4.