Mother swan tries in vain to thwart egg thieves

Two man attempted to steal ten swan eggs when they visited the Li Zijian Art Museum in Changsha, Hunan Province on October 30.

Two men were caught attempting to steal eggs from swans living on the grounds of an art museum in Changsha on October 30.

Security footage from Li Zijian Art Museum, in the capital of Hunan Province, shows the mother swan desperately trying to scare the men away, all in vain.

One of the men can be seen pushing the angry swan out of the way while the other wraps eggs in his clothing.

Luckily, their behavior was discovered by staff who stopped them from leaving the museum, returning the eggs to their relieved mother.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred at the museum since 20 black swans were introduced to the lake, many of whom have gone on to reproduce.

Swan eggs have often been found with damaged caused by people, and two small swans have been stolen as well.

Police said the two men's behavior was considered theft, and their investigation is ongoing.

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