Two-wheeled dog crawls into people's hearts

A disabled dog in Nanning, which was dubbed "The Strong-willed Dog", has become the latest Internet sensation.

A disabled dog in Nanning, dubbed by netizens "The Strong-willed Dog", has become China's latest Internet sensation.

In footage circulated online, the dog can be seen crawling along on two feet and two wheels as its owner goes about her work.

Lan Jiyang, the dog's owner and a parking fee collector on Jinzhou Road, said that "Ah Cai" used to be a stray and lost the use of its two back legs after suffering a road accident two years ago.

Fortunately, the dog was then adopted by Lan who fed it every day and took it to the pet hospital regularly for check-ups.

The pair's story went viral after some local residents filmed a video and posted it on social media, which then melted the hearts of Chinese netizens.

Lan said she hopes Ah Cai's strength will bring positive energy to others and encourage them not to give up, no matter what difficulties life throws at them.

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