Security guards use fire hydrants to expel dancing grandmas

Security guards from a commercial complex in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, have applied fire hydrant spraying water to expel "dama," or dancing grandmas, from the area.

Security guards from a commercial complex in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, have used fire hydrant water to put “dama,” or dancing grandmas, off dancing in the area, Hubei Economy Channel reported.

According to a woman who has dancing at the time, a security guard sprayed the floor for almost four hours to keep them from the area in the city’s Jiang’an District. He sprayed the water wherever they danced, the woman said.

Dama have become controversial over the past few years for setting up often loud sound systems and practicing dance routines in public spaces. 

One woman said that security guards in the complex have been employing their water spraying technique for three consecutive days. It was an awful waste of water, she said.

The dama live in residential buildings nearby but were forced to dance on a nearby commercial street as they were not allowed to dance in the residential complex, the report said.

A property manager in charge of the area, surnamed Sun, said they would no longer resort to using fire hydrants to solve the problem and planned to arrange a special zone for dancing after the national college entrance examination, which begins Thursday.

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