Man helps rescue boy swept away by torrent

A man jumped into a torrent in Taian of east China's Shandong Province to help a boy on August 9, reported.

A man jumped into a torrent in Taian of east China’s Shandong Province to help out a boy who accidentally fell into a strong current on August 9, reported.

The 12-year-old boy slipped into the torrent when touring Taishan Mountain with his grandma — he was swept 100 meters downstream almost immediately.

Wang Baoquan, who happened to be passing by, jumped into the fast moving current and grabbed the boy’s arm before calling out to others for help. Wang works as a security guard at a residential complex, the report said.

The boy was rescued after 20 minutes of joint effort by several tourists. The boy was out of breath when pulled onto the bank and recovered about 10 minutes later. 

Wang left quietly when he was assured the boy was fine.

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