ALDI China continues to support community

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, ALDI has offered donations to the Red Cross and ensured that local costumers have access to daily necessities.

As the world works together to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak, ALDI China continues to do its part to support the community. ALDI’s stores remain open and its teams are working hard every day to serve consumers, and ALDI is exploring more ways to give back to the community. Here are some actions that ALDI has taken to ensure the health and safety of its customers.


ALDI China has made it compulsory for its store team to wear masks while at work and to wash and sanitize their hands more regularly. In addition, ALDI China encourages all customers to wear masks while shopping in store.

All public surfaces as well as the handlebars of the stores’ shopping trolleys are disinfected every two hours. ALDI China has also increased the frequency of cleaning the dining areas and condiment stations.

ALDI China continues to support community

ALDI's Xuhui store and store team.

Online platforms

ALDI China has seen a large rise in online orders during the outbreak. To support its customers and keep ALDI’s online platforms running smoothly, ALDI readjusted the manpower of its pilot stores, hired more part-time staff and increased the manpower of its online order processing team.

The customer service call center is also available during store operating hours to offer after-sales service to customers.

Supply chain

ALDI China is working closely with its long-term and trusted partners and vendors who share ALDI’s values and quality standards to provide high-quality products at great value for consumers.

All parties have increased efforts on all fronts to support the rise in demand and keep ALDI’s stores stocked with daily necessities. 

ALDI China Red Cross donation

As part of ALDI’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, ALDI China has donated 1 million yuan (US$140,000) to the Red Cross Society of China to support the association’s efforts in combating the COVID-19 outbreak.

The donation will help people in two ways:

First, part of the donation will be used to purchase 200,000 bottles of chlorine that will be distributed to hospitals and communities in Wuhan, which would benefit around 200,000 people.

Second, another part of the donation will be used to purchase sterilization equipment that will be used in various districts in Wuhan and key areas such as the makeshift hospitals.

Support from ALDI Global

Just like how the world has banded together to fight COVID-19, so has ALDI as a global company. ALDI China received messages from ALDI offices all around the world offering support and encouragement during these difficult times, demonstrating ALDI’s unity as a company.


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